11 December 2009

Coming soon - more legalised discrimination

Anyone who is over 25 and unemployed will know that there is no proper help provided to get people their age into proper work and training. Whilst the under 25s have the Modern Apprenticeship (which gives them the chance to gain valuable on-the-job experience as well as a recognised work qualification) and the New Deal after six months of unemployment, the over 25s have to wait eighteen months before they are eligible for New Deal, and this version of the scheme seems to place more emphasis on being told how to write letters, how to phone employers and how to compile a CV than it does on getting valuable work experience and a qualification (and I know this for a fact because I have been on just about every scheme ever dreamed up by the government, apart from the ones aimed at the under 25s!)

Those who are unfortunate enough to fall into the over 25 age group will no doubt be delighted at the latest idea from the government - everyone under 25 will have guaranteed work or training after only six months unemployment.

This form of legalised discrimination is a kick in the teeth to everyone over 25 who finds themselves out of work, often through no fault of their own. Someone who has worked in a specialised job and then been made redundant might find it hard to secure work in a related industry, and there would be no help for them as far as retraining goes because they would be too old for the Modern Apprenticeship or any of the other myriad schemes just for under 25s.

04 December 2009

Immigrants housed in luxury while former soldiers sleep on the streets

Taxpayers in London are paying £1600 a week to keep a family of Somalis in a luxury home.

The house has six bedrooms and is occupied by the woman, her mother and seven children. The woman's husband and another child are living in a different house in Camden. His house is also paid for by the taxpayer.

The rent being paid on the house is said to be more than the going rate.

The Somalis originally lived at the taxpayers' expense in Maida Vale, but were moved to the larger house because of the number of children they had.

Now contrast this with the fact that many BRITISH ex-servicemen end up homeless and sleeping on the streets when they leave the Forces. Why can't the houses provided for immigrants be set aside for our own people? Is there any wonder that we are the dumping ground for the world when foreigners see that if they come to our country they will be provided with a home, money and all bills paid whilst we leave our own people sleeping in cardboard boxes?

03 December 2009

Swiss voters put their country first

Voters in Switzerland have voted in favour of a ban on the building of minarets. The Swiss People's Party are delighted with the result, saying that the minarets represented militant Islam. They were worried that Switzerland could become an Islamic state.

Switzerland has four minarets, which will be allowed to remain, but no more will be built.

Muslims claim that the ban will incite hatred of their religion. They say they will not feel safe. Many groups worldwide had condemned the result, but it has nothing to do with them. Not surprisingly, Amnesty International were squealing and bleating about the decision. Maybe those who condemn the ban should turn their attention to Muslim countries, where those who follow different faiths are persecuted and unable to build places of worship. We never hear them speak out against those countries.

As for inciting hatred of Islam, there is no reason why it should. The only thing which would definitely cause hatred of Islam would be if Swiss people (or a Swiss aircraft, bus or train) were to be blown up as "punishment" for the way the country voted.

The "equality" bill - destroying all that is British!

The new "Equality" Bill, devised by Harriet Harman, has caused a good deal of anger since it was first brought into the news.

Firstly, it will force political parties (namely the British National Party) to remove any obstacle to ethnic minorities joining, thereby denying white British people the right to choose who they associate with (amazing how organisations for ethnic minorities will still be allowed to continue as before). Many British people have turned to the BNP after they saw other parties obsessively chasing the ethnic minority and Muslim vote, and neglecting British people. They felt marginalised and like second class citizens in their own country.

Secondly, there is the real fear that, in future, Christmas celebrations will be axed for fear of causing offence to those of other religions (and probably one religion in particular). Already some councils have removed the word "Christmas" from celebrations and in some places, tenants have been told not to decorate their homes for fear of offending Muslims.

Thirdly, it is claimed that white men will lose out in the jobs market in favour of female and ethnic minority candidates. This must not be allowed to happen. Employers must recruit the best people for the job, and if the best qualified person happens to be a white man then he should be successful, if the best qualified is a white woman then she should be hired. As soon as there is any hint of quotas for ethnic minority staff, then standards will fall, because it may well be that they are not best suited for the job yet they would be recruited purely and simply because they ticked the right box which said they were not white.

The Labour government has already shown it it determined to destroy everything about our country, from the make up of the population to the job prospects of British people to the celebrating of one of our most cherished festivals.

Readers, take my advice - celebrate Christmas, play carols, decorate your houses as much as you like, they can't lock you away for it - yet.

01 December 2009

"Multicultural" Britain is Labour's fault

Labour admitted that they let in huge numbers of immigrants in order to "engineer" a multicultural country. They wanted to change the make up of the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", but did not discuss the policy for fear of alienating their former core support in the white working class.

Labour are still saying that immigration has "enriched" our once-proud land. They say that London is more "attractive" and "cosmopolitan" now that many areas have become almost completely non-white.

I am sure that many will disagree. London now has a serious problem with knife, gun and gang crime, the vast majority of it carried out by immigrants or the children of immigrants. In parts of London, whites are a minority. How can it be a good thing that an original population is displaced by immigrants? And it is highly offensive to imply that our country is "enriched" and "improved" by these incomers, as if we have never had culture or history of our own.

28 November 2009


I am happy to add links to other blogs/websites on the following conditions:

that they are nationalist-orientated
that they are not anti-British
they do not belong to a political party/organisation (this is a neutral blog and does not endorse any party or individual, just nationalism - you will not see links here to any nationalist party, though I will happily link to blogs which belong to the members of ANY British nationalist group/organisation)

26 November 2009

Sensible attitude in Lytham St Anne's

At last I have read of some sense regarding the appalling actions of the Japanese in World War Two. The vast majority of people who are quick to condemn the Nazis (and quite rightly, they committed horrific atrocities) seem strangely silent on the war crimes committed by the Japanese. Indeed, many of them who accuse nationalists of being "Holocaust deniers" (I am most certainly NOT a Holocaust denier) are happy to attend commemoration services to remember the Japanese who happened to be in the wrong places in August 1945! Do they not think that, by honouring the memory of those who were committing evil acts against civilians (including Britons) and POWs (including Britons) that they too are guilty of Holocaust denial?

Well, Lytham St Anne's has taken the noble step of refusing a twin link with a Japanese town because of the war crimes committed by the Japanese against our people. It is good to see that those who were tortured by the Japanese are being given consideration and respect, which is more than they ever get from those who moan on about the "poor" Japanese who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Read the story here.

25 November 2009

What the council tax goes towards

North Yorkshire County Council are currently advertising for a "Community Cohesion Worker" for North Yorkshire. It doesn't take a genius to work out that "community" in this case means the immigrant community.

Here are the details of the job (quoted as opposed to linked to the source, as it will disappear once the vacancy is closed):

You will be based in Skipton but your work will cover the whole of North Yorkshire. Your work will focus on the needs of children and young people of minority ethnic heritage, ensuring they can access and benefit from services. Working closely with partner agencies and communities you will help to develop a range of positive activities for young people.

You will provide information, advice and guidance to members of Minority Ethnic communities and promote and develop the existing networks that support these groups and individuals.

An important part of your work will be to work with schools, supporting their role in building community cohesion.

You will identify isolated BME groups and ensure they are made aware of existing support networks.

You will have experience of living and/or working within a multi-cultural community and have excellent communication and presentational skills. Access to a car is essential.

And from the job description:


1)Support the North Yorkshire County Council in developing and promoting Community Cohesion.

2)To promote the well-being of black and minority ethnic children, young people and their families.

Work with communities to ensure they both inform and benefit from educational and training provision.

Support the development and delivery of celebration of culture events

Support the development of Prevent (Prevention of Violent Extremism) in schools and other settings

Develop formal and informal networks that promote social capital.
Work with a wide range of agencies and partnerships that support community capacity building and cohesion.
Support the development of transition programmes for BME children.

Develop formal and informal networks that promote social capital.

Work with a wide range of agencies and partnerships that support community capacity building and cohesion.
Support the development of the Corporate Equal Opportunities and Social Inclusion Strategies and Action Plans.
Respond to reports of racist incidents.

Work with the Governors’ Support Service to recruit BME to Governing Bodies.

Work with schools to promote a better and wider understanding of BME needs and issues.

Provide Information, advice and guidance to adult members of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.
Provide performance data against a range of indicators.
Be involved in presentations and consultations with user groups and with a wide range of agencies and voluntary sector organizations.

Attend and liaise with regional groups.

Can you imagine an equivalent job being advertised for someone to help indigenous British people? If it is racist for organisations to cater for whites only, and help whites only, then why is it not illegal when organisations etc are set up purely to help immigrants?

This is just one example of where your council tax goes if you live in North Yorkshire.

19 November 2009

Brits - watch your jobs, the Poles are coming back

British workers need to watch out for their jobs once again - it has been revealed that the Poles are coming back.

The last influx of Poles saw factories "laying off" local, British people and replacing them with Poles. British people were classed as "idle, workshy layabouts and scroungers" (something which would probably be illegal if applied to other groups - the applying of stereotypes to a race or nationality!)

British people were also overlooked with regards to job vacancies - if a Pole applied they would be the one recruited. Students came home from university for the holidays to find that the jobs they had done for a year or more had now been filled by the obligatory Pole and they were unable to find work in their home towns.

With unemployment rising, and job vacancies falling, this is a bad time to be out of work if you're British, and it's about to get a whole lot worse.

23 October 2009

Question Time - a reaction

Before I begin this post, I will state again that this is NOT a BNP blog, has no connection to the BNP and remains entirely neutral as far as nationalist parties go - I do not endorse any.

However, I cannot do anything but comment on the first ever appearance on the BBC's "Question Time" of an elected nationalist politician - the BNP MEP and leader Nick Griffin.

As expected, the appearance by Nick Griffin led to protests by the ever-peaceful Unite Against Fascism (the protests led to several arrests and some policemen needed hospital treatment after dealing with the peaceful crowd.) The protests did not stop the programme going ahead.

The audience was obviously hand-picked too, including many ethnic minority people and those who were obviously from anti-nationalist groups. The panel included MPs from Labour, the Lib Dems, Conservatives and the American novellist and playwright Bonnie Greer.

The programme was largely made up of comments and questions relating to the BNP and to Nick Griffin's past, apart from in the later stages, where a question was asked about a report in the Daily Mail relating to an article on the death of Stephen Gately from Boyzone.

The point that most stands out in my mind was Greer's unchallenged attack on the history of the British people. As a playwright and novellist, fiction is obviously her speciality, and she showed it when she stated that, as there were no humans in Europe at or just after the last Ice Age, only the Neanderthals, then the humans who are here now are descended from those who came from the south - Africa. This is rubbish - people did migrate from the south, from southern EUROPE, where the people are white, not Sub-Saharan Africa where they are most definitely not. Take a look at the map on this page and you will see for yourself that only the northern part of Europe was under ice. What a pity this point went unchallenged.

22 October 2009

Skeleton discovered in York

Archaeologists working on the site of an expansion by York University have found their fourth skeleton. The skeleton is believed to date from the Roman period, and is currently being cleaned before it is sent for detailed analysis by an osteoarchaeologist.

While all this sounds mundane, and quite fascinating, we should not be too surprised if the experts tell us that the skeleton belonged to someone of African origin! For years now, the liberal establishment have been brainwashing people into believing that blacks have been here since the Romans, that blacks were here before any white people and that we wouldn't have any history or culture without the influence of blacks.

They missed out with Cheddar Man, who was found to have been the same ethnic stock as the Basque people, but what is to say that this new find will not be the "proof" that blacks were here before we were?

The story of the skeleton is here.

17 October 2009

An appalling act of desecration

Read this story in today's newspaper and then tell me you don't feel a sense of shame and disgust at the appalling specimens increasingly being reared in this country.

Many juveniles no longer have any respect for anyone, so it should come as no surprise really that, after a binge drinking session, one decided it was going to empty its disgusting, bloated bladder over a war memorial.

What would those of past generations, who fought bravely, and sacrificed their lives for our country think? They must be turning in their graves at the appalling rabble they gave their lives for.

The lowlife responsible for this disgusting act should be made to clean the whole thing up - and not with a scrubbing brush and disinfectant but with its filthy tongue. It should be made to lick up every last trace of the contents of its bladder until it retches, and even then it should receive no mercy.

What a pity we no longer have the birch.

04 October 2009

Welcome to Britain - where criminals are protected and victims can go to hell

In the news recently, we have heard the appalling tales of Fiona Pilkington and Vanessa George.

Ms Pilkington was a mother of two children - one of whom was profoundly disabled. The local trash on the road where Ms Pilkington lived made her and her daughter's lives hell, eventually driving her to kill both herself and her daughter. What is so appalling about this tragedy is that it could probably have been prevented if the police had taken her calls for help seriously and dealt with the rubbish who were making their lives hell. Instead, they would tell her she was over-reacting, and to keep her curtains closed. No surprise that, when the trash making her life hell were unmasked, they received death threats. What is (or I suppose shouldn't really be) a surprise is that the police took this very seriously, visiting the family and stepping up patrols to ensure that no one harmed them. Where were they when a law-abiding person needed help? The number of feral, out of control families on estates is increasing. Maybe they should be dealt with in the same way as an out of control dangerous dog, and be shot?

Now I come to the story of Vanessa George. This disgusting glob of lard was responsible for providing photographs of children from the nursery where it worked to an online paedophile ring. Naturally, this caused outrage among decent people, and, unfortunately, this thing will be protected in prison, and when it gets out it will use the human rights act to ensure it has a new identity and a ban on media revealing where it lives. It could also be helped to move abroad. Why should rubbish like George be given such help and protection when it is denied to law abiding people? Maybe it is time to abolish the human rights laws which provide so much protection for scum but none for their victims.

31 August 2009

Aren't you glad Romania joined the EU?

The people of Britain are constantly told what a positive thing the EU is for our economy, among other things. Before the country joined the EEC (as it was then) they were led to believe that it would be purely a trading area, and therefore good for British business to be able to take advantage of the larger customer base on the continent.

What the people were not told was that the plan was for a federal monster which would eventually erode all controls we have over our own country and borders, and that the citizens any country joining this monster would have the absolute right to come and live and work in our country, whether the British people liked it or not.

So I can imagine that many British people jumped for joy when Romania joined the EU. I bet they could not believe their luck that all these Romanians would flood into the country and bring such benefits as we have never seen! Just think - all that ATM fraud which would never have happened (just look back at ATM fraud cases in Britain and you will notice that, just by coincidence, the nationality of those guilty is almost without exception Romanian!), all those begging, thieving, annoying pickpockets you get in the tourist hotspots which would not be taking place without the people trafficking and benefits fraud now emanating from Romania!

This is not scaremongering or unfair labelling of one particular race, it is the truth. Romanians are involved in people trafficking to get their hands on vast amounts of benefits - benefits paid for by YOUR TAXES!

So next time you hear the usual rubbish about the EU being beneficial to our country, just think about what you have just read and ask yourself "who is it beneficial for?"

30 July 2009

Asylum seeker payouts should be stopped, not reduced

The government is to reduce the amount it pays out to asylum seekers over the age of 25 (whilst increasing the rate it pays to sponging asylum seeking children).

Asylum seekers have their housing and fuel costs paid by the taxpayer (unlike our poor pensioners who have to struggle to afford to heat their homes each winter!)

British pensioners are among the most poverty stricken in Europe, so surely the money would be better spent on ensuring they have a decent standard of living rather than wasting valuable resources on the incessant tide of rubbish flooding into our country from every part of the globe.

The best answer would be to stop asylum payouts completely, then maybe the scroungers could find another country to infest.

Story here.

08 July 2009

7/7 - never forget and never forgive

Yesterday - 7th July - was the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in London, which killed 52 people when four terrorists struck the transport system during the morning rush hour.

We should never forget the atrocity and we should never forgive those who carried out and supported the attacks.

In the aftermath of the terrorism carried out in our capital city, the authorities went cap in hand to the Muslims and promised that they would be protected, just as they did after the 9/11 atrocity and the attack against Glasgow Airport in 2007, which thankfully caused no deaths. Why go and promise protection to those whose religion is the cause of so much bloodshed? Why not offer protection and assurances to the British public that such terrorists will not be allowed to attack us again?

The usual reasons were given as to why the four pieces of scum attacked our capital. One being that they were poor, deprived people, which is a load of rubbish. One was a teaching assistant, one came from a family who owned a business - hardly poor and deprived were they? Another favourite is the war in Iraq and Afghanistan - but what was the cause of the 9/11 attacks - there was no war in Iraq or Afghanistan then.

The terrorists and their families are invariably immigrants or the offspring of recent immigrants. If they hate our country so much then they should go back to their country of origin, they should not have the right to live here. And those who bleat about the rights and civil liberties of terrorists should be deported too.

18 June 2009

Put gypsies first - or else!

The latest PC madness has arrived in the form of "guidance" telling the NHS to put the needs of gypsies and "travellers" first.

Under the terms of this new "guidance", the gypsies will be seen immediately, even if they do not have an appointment and the surgery is otherwise full, they will be given longer appointments and fast tracked into dental appointments, to the detriment of British people. Failure to comply could result in prosecution under the Race Relations Act (would this also apply if they discriminated against white British people?!?)

It is actions like this which lead to race hate and attacks on minorities - when the host population of a country sees incomers receiving preferential treatment they take out their anger on the incomers, as has been happening in Belfast recently. It is time to end the obsession with putting minorities first all the time and, just for a change, do something positive for the indigenous people of this country.

14 June 2009

Fear and hatred on the streets of Luton - Times Online

Fear and hatred on the streets of Luton - Times Online

An interesting article in today's Sunday Times about the problems caused by the Muslim demonstration against British troops in Luton.

11 June 2009

The state of our NHS

Yesterday it was in the news that the NHS would face a £15 billion shortfall in funding over the next decade. When you consider what the British government is happy to throw taxpayers' money at, this news is an absolute disgrace.

The biggest drains on our taxes are the EU and overseas aid. Here are some examples of what OUR money is thrown at whilst the NHS is expected to go short:

On Afghanistan, the Department for International Development states "In the last 10 years Britain has more than trebled its spending on aid to nearly £7 billion a year. We are now the fourth largest donor in the world." That's nice, just think how much that £7 billion a year could help the NHS.

On Yemen the DFID says "The UK has provided development assistance to Yemen since the early 1970s, with some interruptions. By 2003, we had a £2 million programme, focused on strengthening economic and financial management. In 2003, DFID decided to expand, focusing on health and education. Our expenditure rose year-on-year to £12m in 2007/8 and £20m in 2008/9. We will continue to scale up our assistance to Yemen over the next few years."

So you can see that the UK government is more than happy to increase spending on overseas aid whilst it is equally happy to decrease spending on OUR country.

10 June 2009

Violence in Luton

The demonstrations against Islamic extremism held recently in Luton turned violent. Whilst I do not condone violence, and condemn anyone who resorts to using it, you have to ask whether this would have happened if the immigrants had not abused the British troops a few months ago?

Read the article here.

Terrorist on hunger strike

Richard Reid, the so-called "shoe bomber" who hid explosives in its shoes and tried to blow up an American Airlines aircraft flying from Paris to Miami, is on hunger strike in its American prison.

It is bleating because it cannot practice its Islamic faith (diddums!) and so has decided to starve itself.

I say it should starve itself to death - whilst it is alive there is always the chance it could be released from prison and succeed in blowing up a packed airliner.

Terrorist trash such as Reid belong in Hell.

The news can be found here.

06 June 2009

"British" drug smuggler to come to Britain to serve sentence

The "British" drug smuggler Samantha Orobator (a good old traditional British surname there - not!) will not serve her prison sentence in Laos after all, but will be kept for a paltry length of time in luxury at the taxpayers' expense - yes readers, this drug smuggling scum is going to be transferred to a British prison.

I had been following the story of this "British" drug smuggler for a while, and waited to post on this blog until now.

This character got pregnant, reputedly, to avoid the death penalty which is mandatory in Laos for drug smugglers. The law in Laos states that a pregnant woman cannot be executed - how very convenient.

Did this character stop to think about the misery that drugs cause when she carried the heroin? Did she think about the many pensioners who have been violently robbed of their meagre pensions just so some drugged up piece of trash can buy their next fix?

She should have been executed, pregnant or not - there should be no mercy shown to such rubbish who smuggle and deal in drugs. What a pity we are not like that in this country - a proper zero tolerance approach to drugs instead of the current soft touch.

22 May 2009

The "benefits" of immigration part one

This is "part one" because I am sure that there will be more of these to follow!

This article tells of a south London street gang who have been imprisoned after subjecting local people to a reign of terror. You only have to look at some of the names - Akheem Gray, Abdi Nur, Ameel Gray and Lufter Ahmed - to see that they are hardly British! Yet another result of the "enrichment" of our country - a massive increase in knife and gun crime and the vast majority of those responsible are the offspring of recent immigrants, or are immigrants themselves.

21 May 2009

Gays moan about ancient cathedral city

The historic cathedral city of Canterbury does not find favour with gays, who are moaning that the place is "not gay enough".

Why don't these people get a life? Why must we have their sexuality rammed down our throats? Why don't they just get on with their lives?

We don't have "straight bars" or "straight societies" or "straight pride" marches, so why must we be expected to provide such facilities for gays?

That story can be found here

17 May 2009

When it's OK to discriminate...

Of course, everyone will know what this posting will be about from the title! The "positive discrimination", "affirmative action" or, to anyone with an ounce of common sense - out and out discrimination against native British people!

One of the most high profile tools of anti-white discrimination is "black history month" when schoolchildren are brainwashed into thinking that non-whites have had a massive impact on our culture and society throughout history. The website for this mass brainwashing exercise also features "opportunities" (as long as you're from the correct ethnic background, which, you've guessed it, it not white!) Here is the advert for one of these racist "opportunities":

PATH National Ltd

Management Development Programme (MDP)

PATH National is an award winning national skills development agency whose focus is on enhancing workforce diversity through training interventions aimed at black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) individuals. Our work is supported by the London Development Agency (LDA), the Mayor's agency for Sustainable Economic Development - to deliver accredited Level 3, 4 and 5 Management Development qualifications as follows:

Certificate in First Line Management

Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)

Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS)
Are you from a BAME background working within the public sector in a supervisory role or progressing towards a management position?
Are you interested in developing your management skills and potential by acquiring an accredited qualification?
Are you an employer wanting to cost effectively up skill your current workforce?

Courses run for one academic year and there is intake throughout the year. For more information and an application pack please contact:

This project is delivered under Section 37 & 38 of The Race Relations Act 1976 (amendment 2000)

You'll see that this blatant piece of race discrimination is allowed by the Race Relations Act, which states that it is OK to offer such training for those who are "under represented" - does this mean that, in areas where whites are a minority that training programmes will be offered for whites only?

And here's another one - there is a beauty contest called "Miss Black Britain", which, by its very title, discriminates against those who do not have black skin! Can you imagine that a "Miss White Britain" contest would be allowed to take place? No it would not.

Moving on to music we have the blatantly racist title of "Music of Black Origin" awards. Why isn't there a similar award for music of white origin? All the classical composer were white and many of the greatest pop acts were white - the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, ELO etc.

If anything breeds racism and intolerance it is such events and awards that I have mentioned in this post.

01 May 2009

Stop and search "racist" and "disproportionate" - or is it?

The latest bleat by the civil liberties brigade and black superiority groups is that blacks and Asians are eight times more likely to be stopped by police and searched than white people are.

So? What is wrong with that? It is well known that a disproportionate number of knife and gun crimes are carried out by blacks (and the victims are more often than not white but no mention of those attacks being "racist" like it would be if it were the other way round) and also it is well known that those who have carried out terror attacks, planned terror attacks or attended terror training camps are Asian!

Why must we continue to pander to these half wits in the civil liberties and anti white movement? The fact that certain ethnic groups are being targeted for stop and search shows some common sense when these are the ethnic groups most likely to be responsible for certain crimes.

There are interesting articles here and here.

29 April 2009

More on the meddlesome EU

Anyone opposing the EU is passed off as a "xenophobe" or "little Englander" by those traitors who wish to sell our country down the river. But when you see exactly what the EU is planning, or has already done to our once-proud nation, it is not the Eurosceptics who should be passed off as I have previously described, but those Europhiles among us should be put on trial for treason.

The latest idea from the EU is for British courts to apply foreign laws when deciding on divorce cases. The so-called Rome III plan would mean applying divorce laws from a country the couple have close ties to. It doesn't take a genius to work out that this will mean Sharia law being applied in a UK court case. Of course, any application of Sharia law will suit the Church of England!

Even more interfering from the EU, and spineless behaviour from our so-called leaders, came in the guise of a law saying that the unspeakable scum in prisons, many of whom would have found themselves swinging from the end of a rope around their neck if this country had suitable punishments, should be given the right to vote.

Paedophiles, killers, terrorists and other rubbish will have the same voting rights as decent, law abiding people under the new proposals. The ban on prisoners voting in Britain goes back 140 years, but, thanks to the vile Human Rights legislation, it has now been declared "unlawful".

Women had to struggle for years to be given the right to vote, but criminal scum have it handed to them on a plate. Once they commit a crime they should lose ALL their rights.

More on that here.

17 April 2009

Don't call them "British"

A few days ago it was revealed that a "Briton" is fighting with the Afghan Taleban against British troops. DNA from this "Briton" was found on a roadside bomb which had been planted by the Taleban and intended to kill British troops.

This "Briton" arrived in OUR country from Pakistan and became radicalised. This character then disappeared two years ago and has apparently resurfaced in Afghanistan.

This individual is not alone, it is acknowledged that there are many "British" jihadists who have gone to Afghanistan to fight against OUR troops. Some of these disgusting creatures are believed to come from the West Midlands and Yorkshire, according to reports.

Isn't it amazing that these individuals hate us, hate our country and hate our laws and culture so much that they want to destroy everything British, yet when they end up in a spot of bother (such as finding themselves in Guantanamo Bay), or want medical treatment or benefits, they suddenly announce they are British and expect to be bailed out and helped?

It is offensive to decent, law abiding Britons that these vile individuals be classed as "British". They don't think like us, they don't look like us, they don't dress like us and they most certainly don't act like us.

Read this.

06 April 2009

Job seekers Allowance for terror suspects not looking for work!

Terror suspects who are subject to control orders and kept under house arrest are receiving around £60 a week in Jobseekers Allowance! This is in spite of the fact that, by being under house arrest, they are hardly seeking employment!

This is just another example of our soft touch country when we pay terrorist rubbish the same benefits, for doing nothing, as we pay to those who are expected (rightly so) to do their best to find work.

If someone on Jobseekers does not do their utmost to find work, they can have the benefit stopped or reduced for around 26 weeks - so why is it different for those Islamic terrorists who want nothing more than to destroy our country and replace our laws, customs and values with their own alien culture? Why should they be allowed to receive these benefits for doing nothing?

There is no wonder our country is seen as a soft touch and is the destination of choice for all the unspeakable rubbish other countries do not want.

This story can be found here.

01 April 2009

Idle workshy Poles come to Britain to sponge off the taxpayer

After months of becoming increasingly angry at seeing British people referred to as "idle" "workshy" and "scroungers" I have decided to use that terminology to describe the Poles that the Brit-bashers are so obscenely fond of.

After the Poles (who were taking jobs that, previously, had often been done by British students during the university holidays) were supposed to be returning home in their thousands, it has been announced that they are flooding back to Britain to take advantage of the generous benefits they will receive over here (more than those paid out in their home country).

The fact that they are coming here to sponge off the taxpayer puts them into the same "idle" "workshy" "scroungers" category that people put out of work Britons into. But will we hear of the Poles being described in such unflattering terms? Of course not. Such demonising is only acceptable when it is directed at the indigenous Briton.

As someone who is out of work I know what I am talking about when I say I am talking from my own experience - places which, previously, recruited staff locally are now recruiting in Eastern Europe. British builders are being put onto three day weeks whilst Poles are kept on full time - it is the Brits not the Poles who have mortgages to pay and families to support, but it is the Brits who suffer most.

I know what I am talking about when I refer to Poles as idle, workshy layabouts. I have seen Polish "workers" spend their time gabbling away in their own language to each other whilst Brits were expected to do all the work - but who is thrown out of their jobs? Not the idle Poles. I know of hotels which employed Poles as "cleaners" only for Brits to go and do the work properly after the idle foreigners made a mess of it.

And who did the work before the Poles came here? I won't buy that rubbish about them only doing jobs that couldn't be filled locally. Toilets were cleaned, fruit was picked (it certainly did not go all to rot!) without the dubious benefit of those who came to take British jobs.

Read more about the sponging Poles here.

26 March 2009

A new anthem for England?

The BBC has been criticised (rightly so) for teaming up with the Arts Council to come up with an English "national anthem" which could be used instead of our current national anthem.

The song is "intended to reflect English customs, ideas and creativity in contemporary times" and will make its debut on St George's Day.

There are several perfectly good songs which would be ideal for an English anthem - "I Vow to Thee my Country", "Rule Britannia" and "Land of Hope and Glory" are songs which can inspire national pride and which are known and loved by English people.

However, I am forgetting something - the songs I have just mentioned are associated with "flag waving patriotism", the kind of patriotism which is regarded as offensive to ethnic minorities, the same people we must now consider above all of us. We mustn't consider anything which might not be liked by a certain section of society, even though this particular section of society is free to carry out whatever they wish, whether or not it offends the majority of us.

We should have an anthem which makes us feel proud, which rouses the spirit and, above all, is not just created so as to appeal to minority groups in our society.

More on the anthem here.

24 March 2009

And the betrayal just goes on...

Just when you thought that the British government could not be any more treacherous, another story comes along to prove just how bad those in Parliament have become.

The list of traitors started with Edward Heath in the 1970s, who dragged us into the (then) European Economic Community - (EEC) - which developed into the hated, monstrous tyranny we know today as the European Union. It has continued with each government since Heath and now culminates in the appalling Gordon Brown.

Not content with selling us further and further down the river into EU rule, Brown is now to hold talks with Argentina on returning the Falkland Islands to them.

This comes at the anniversary of the invasion of the islands by Argentine forces, to which our troops responded by driving them out and maintaining British rule in the islands which are populated by British people.

It was bad enough that, in the Falklands War, we had to have enquiries if an Argentine boat happened to be sunk, but now to have a "leader" who goes cap in hand to everyone and does what everyone (except the British people of course) wants is an insult to those who died fighting to keep those islands British. It is an insult to those who died in two wars to prevent our country being overrun and taken over by foreigners to now go handing over what little sovereignty we have left to Brussels.

The sooner this disgraceful, spineless, pathetic excuse for a "leader" goes, the better it will be.

More here.

22 March 2009

Muslims get their way - as usual

Once again the Muslims have got their own way. Yesterday I posted the story of the Nottingham postmaster who refused to serve people who did not bother to speak our language. Naturally there was alot of support for him from proper Britons, but, as usual, the Muslims were howling and bleating that they did not like his stance, so he had to go. The postmaster has now been moved to another Post office, whose location is being kept secret for fear of reprisals from those ever-peaceful Muslims. More here.

And still on Muslims, the government's anti-terror advisor stabbed a man whom he feared would attack him and his family at his home. Whilst I condemn anyone who tries to break into another person's home, it would be interesting to know why, when white Britons have defended their families and property against invaders they have been charged and imprisoned, but when a Muslim does the same thing he faces no charges? One rule for white, indigenous Britons and another for Muslims, as usual. That story is here.

21 March 2009

News round up - week ending 21st March 2009

There have been several noteworthy news stories this past couple of days that I thought it best to put them into another "news roundup". So here goes...

Polish-owned deli refuses to serve English customers

Readers of this blog will be forgiven if they always thought Goole in East Yorkshire to be an English town - apparently at one immigrant-owned shop there, English customers are so unwelcome they will not be served!

The Polski Sklep shop refused to serve two English customers on separate occasions. On being asked if she was English, one was then told, aggressively, to leave the shop. On another occasion, a local journalist was told that the shop did not serve English people.

Can you imagine what would have happened if the shop had turned away East European immigrants? There would have been all hell let loose and the owners would have been prosecuted for racism. Let's just see what the outcome of this will be, but don't expect the immigrants to face any charges.

That story is here.

British truckers attacked by violent would-be immigrants

British lorry drivers in Calais are being attacked by would-be immigrants to our country. The migrants are armed with knives and batons and are becoming increasingly desperate to get into our country.

These are the kind of things we are told we should be welcoming into our country. We are told they are "hard working" and "enrich" our society and culture. Yes, of course they do! We really need knife-wielding scum, we need criminals and we need terrorists like we need a hole in the head.

It is time the Army was deployed to protect our borders from this incessant tide of filth which seeks to destroy our country. And we are always told the rubbish that they are fleeing persecution. Yes, of course they are! They cross dozens of safe countries to reach our shores, if they were genuine refugees they would be happy at reaching the first safe country that they could.

And once this tide reaches our shores they are entitled to more help and support than the average British pensioner who struggles to afford to heat their home each winter.

To see this never-ending tide of scum see the article here.

Galloway banned from Canada

Muslim sympathiser George Galloway has been banned from entering Canada on national security grounds. The Canadians view Galloway as a supporter of terrorist group Hamas, which is banned (rightly so) in Canada.

Galloway is an opponent of the war in Afghanistan, in which Canadian soldiers are involved in.

A pity he isn't kicked out of Britain too, I'm sure his beloved Hamas would welcome him.

More here.

Postmaster faces calls from Muslims to be sacked

Once again we hear of Muslims trying to dictate what we do in our country. Recently a Sri Lankan born postmaster in Nottingham refused to serve people unless they spoke English. He is to be commended for this - it is time that those who insist on living in our country bothered to learn our language.

The local Muslims have been circulating a petition calling for him to be sacked, but it is time that the people of Britain stopped being dictated to by those who have no intention of ever embracing our language and culture and supported those who are prepared to make a stand and do something about it.

More here and here.

18 March 2009

The state of Britain

What is it coming to when foreigners can come to our country and incite hatred of our people? And what is it coming to when these foreigners can get away with, in some cases, murder?

That is what it is like to live in today's Britain - we must constantly be expected to walk on eggshells so as not to upset these foreigners, though it doesn't matter what they say about us - that is exercising their right to free speech. Try exercising your right to free speech if you are British - you will be arrested and charged with inciting racial and religious hatred.

The bingo hall, a traditional favourite haunt of many British ladies, does not escape the wrath of these foreigners - who object to the name "Mecca" being used outside the bingo halls. Our churches are attacked, but if anyone attacks one of their mosques it is seen as a faith hate crime and there are constant bayings for those responsible to be punished. We have to accept British churches being attacked and get on with things, knowing that the perpetrators will never be charged with anything resembling "faith hate".

Non Muslims have been targeted in some areas by the foreigners in our midst. Their houses are attacked purely because the foreigners do not want them living in "their" areas. Of course, the police do not believe this is racist, but can you imagine how the police would react if British people were trying to drive the foreigners out? The Brits would be rounded up and charged with race and faith hate, but when it's the other way round there are never any such charges.

The people of Britain need to wake up to this potential menace before it is too late.

More here.

17 March 2009

British priorities - terrorists first

Recently it was revealed that Britain has given away millions of pounds worth of taxpayers' money which was then used to promote terrorism in Palestine.

The money, which is annually wasted each year in overseas aid, when it could be better spent on such things as pensioners and the NHS to name two, was used to print material promoting terrorism and encouraging suicide bombers.

Each year, our country wastes millions on such worthless causes - last year it sent out almost £100,000,000 - double the amount of the previous year. Warnings have been repeatedly issued about what the money was being used for, but our Muslim-loving government still wastes our money anyway.

Contrast this with a recent story about a South Yorkshire woman who has been told that the £4000 it would cost to save her sight was "too expensive".

Would it have been "too expensive" if a Muslim terrorist needed treatment? Would it be "too expensive" to treat a sponging asylum seeker who has jumped not only the housing queue but also the NHS queue too? No, of course it wouldn't.

11 March 2009

Luton - or "Lutonistan"?

My apologies to any British people from Luton who may not like the headline title of this post, however I make no apologies for any offence caused to other sections of the population of "Lutonistan".

Yesterday, our brave troops from the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment took part in a homecoming parade in the supposedly British town of Luton. While the majority of the crowd behaved properly and gave our men the welcome they deserve, a group of trash (I make no apology for that either) had to wave placards accusing the men of being "cowards" and "butchers" and "killers". All this from Islamic extremists whose co-religionists make a point of targetting civilians in the name of their religion! Naturally, the British crowd reacted angrily to this, but instead of arresting those who were causing the problem, the police arrested the Brits! The police should have left the trash to the crowd in my opinion.

One of the vile protesters said: "They can’t come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community."

Who are they to come to OUR country and say that OUR people cannot parade where there just happens to be Muslims? If Muslims hate OUR country and OUR people so much then they should return to their countries of origin and stop sponging off the British taxpayer, stop occupying houses that could be given to British people, stop using health services that would be then better able to offer more help to British people.

To see photos of the anti-British trash we are all supposed to hold in such high regard see here. There is another article here (not surprising that the Express won't allow comments on this story, they are probably worried what people might think and that Muslims might be offended by the comments!)

And here's more about the constant crawling and pussyfoting around Muslims: recently a school was forced to close its gymnastics club, which had been running for years, because of the objections of a few Muslims who did not like the idea of girls mixing with boys. Why should British people always have to give up what they enjoy just to suit Muslims and immigrants? That story can be found here.

10 March 2009

Amnesty International - I detest them

One organisation which really makes me mad is Amnesty International. Their very existence winds me up, and it is even more maddening to see them accosting unwary shoppers in Scarborough's main precinct, which they do with infuriating regularity. Last week they happened to stop my Mum, who hates them almost as much as I do. They asked her if she knew about their work, and when she told them that all they seemed to care about were the rights of criminals and terrorists they had nothing else to say!

Yes, that vile organisation does whine on about criminals and terrorists. Last month they were crowing about the return of Binyam Mohamed from Guantanamo Bay (see this article here to see how that organisation views pro-terrorist garbage). They go on to say that our country should take in even more of these undesirable individuals - what about the potential risk to innocent, law-abiding people of the UK? Don't they matter? Obviously not! A few weeks ago it was revealed that at least one former inmate of Guantanamo Bay had resurfaced in Yemen as an al Qaeda leader! Hardly innocent, law-abiding people are they? Let's face it, they weren't in Afghanistan on a Sunday school picnic were they?

The silence of AI is deafening with regards to the terrorist murders in Northern Ireland recently. Compare this to the whining, screeching, howling and bleating which emanated from the mouths of AI after the IRA terrorist scum were shot by the SAS as they prepared an attack on Gibraltar. Would they have been as rabid in their condemnation if hundreds of innocent people had been killed as a result of the Irish scum's murderous mentality? A short piece about the mentality of AI on that matter can be found here.

If there is an organisation which should be banned, it is Amnesty International.

26 February 2009

Guantanamo suspect back in Britain for a life sponging off the taxpayer

No expense (taxpayers' expense I hasten to add) was spared in bringing former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed to Britain. A private luxury jet was chartered to bring this individual to our shores, and the cost of the whole exercise was £120,000.

Would it not have been cheaper to put this character into a crate and transport it in the cargo hold of an aircraft?

Now we hear it plans to apply for indefinite leave to stay in OUR country, and will be eligible for benefits costing the taxpayer around £21,600 a year. That is more than our brave troops earn on the frontlines, and certainly more than a British pensioner is allowed! It is more than the annual wages of many people. That money could be better spent on our own people, not former terrorist suspects who decide they are going to infest our country with their parasitic ways. Pensioners are told that they must go blind because it is too expensive to give them the drugs which would help, yet it is not too expensive to bend over backwards for a foreign parasite such as what we have just imported from Cuba.

This story can be found here.

20 February 2009

News roundup

Apologies for neglecting this blog for the past few days. There has certainly been no shortage of stories of interest and so, instead of making an individual post for each one, I will summarise them in one offering.

Outrage in Cambridgeshire village

In the Cambridgeshire village of Cottenham there was outrage at an £8000 Lottery grant awarded to teach local schoolchildren gypsy songs. This same village is home to a large gypsy encampment, and locals say that the award is "insensitive" and the money could have been better spent elsewhere. I agree! Why is it that we always have to accommodate "alternative" lifestyles at the expense of our own culture? You will notice from this report that those who are sympathetic to the gypsies are not from the local area!

Halal-only at Dominos

Dominos Pizza has stopped selling pork products at one of its outlets in Birmingham, and no points for guessing who this is meant to appease! The pepperoni pizza has been taken off the menu and replaced with tandoori chicken and other halal meats. Understandably, British customers are not happy at no longer being able to order their favourite porky pizza, but in this day and age we must all bend over backwards to do what the Muslims want. Why should British people's favourites be taken off the menu just to satisfy the appetites of an alien culture? This story is here.

British culture banned by Muslims

Muslim schools in Britain are encouraging their pupils to grow up with a hatred for Britain. The schools are promoting Islamic extremism and discourage children from playing cricket, board games, listening to music or reading Harry Potter books.

The website of an Islamic school for girls in London states: “Our children are exposed to a culture that is in opposition to almost everything Islam stands for.” Really? Well why don't they get themselves to a country which has a culture which supports what their religion stands for? If they hate Britain so much then why do they stay? Is it because of our generous benefits? The fact that our culture is eroded in order to avoid causing them the slightest offence? Or is it because in many countries they would not get away with such behaviour and outbursts?

Of course the Muslims are whining about the findings, calling them "misleading, intolerant and divisive".

Who are the intolerant ones here? Who are the ones who hate our culture? If they want Muslim laws and Muslim schools then they should leave OUR country and go off to a Muslim one, where I am sure they will be very happy!

That story appeared here.

13 February 2009

Czechs - they know how to treat sex offenders

The human rights brigade are busy getting their knickers into a twist over the way that sex offenders are treated in the Czech Republic.

The moaners say that surgical castration is "invasive, irreversible and mutilating."

Who cares about the "damage" done to those who CHOOSE to carry out sexual attacks on women and children? Who cares that they might be hurt by their punishment?

And isn't it "invasive" for the victim to be raped? Don't the victims matter? Obviously not. As long as criminals are well treated that is all the "human rights" brigade care about.

Castration should be the least of the sex offender's fears. Not only should they lose the ability to carry out any other disgusting attacks they should also lose their liberty or their very life.

It is time to remove all rights from criminals and put the victims first for a change. The only proven way to prevent any reoffending is to execute proven criminals. Castrating sex offenders is a step in the right direction but ultimately it does not go far enough.

More here.

10 February 2009

Anti-British groups condemn Cambridge University ball

An Empire-themed ball at Cambridge University has been condemned by the openly anti-British "anti racism" groups.

The ball, set to take place at Emmanuel College, will celebrate the excesses of the late Victorian era.

Posters to promote the ball carry the message
'Once, there was an empire that governed over a quarter of the world's population, covered about the same proportion of the earth's land, and dominated nearly all of her oceans.

'They say that the sun never set on the British Empire - but at the Empire ball, you'll be wishing it never rises.

'Travel with us to the Indian Raj, an emerging Australia and the West Indies. We invite you to experience the Pax Britannica and party like it's 1899.'

The left wing campaigners say this is offensive and accuse the organisers of being "white" and "upper class". Maybe the left wing objectors should look in the mirror to see who is really racist and offensive!

There is more on the story here.

It's amazing how silent the anti-British, anti-white left wingers are when anyone mentions the Gulags so favoured by their beloved Communist regimes!

08 February 2009

The most maligned soft toy in the world...

A golliwog - a harmless toy, nothing more and nothing less

Yes, I'm talking about the gollywog. I make no apologies for using that term, it is time such things were put into perspective.

Earlier last week a row broke out after BBC presenter Carol Thatcher used the term "gollywog" in a private, off air conversation. She was sacked by the BBC, and this prompted a storm of protest, a few people backed the decision to sack her, but the vast majority did not, which should send out the message that the British people are sick to death of having our lives dictated by the PC brigade and the Word Police.

What about the insults against whites which are deemed so acceptable? A gollywog is a soft toy, jam mascot and character from children's stories. If I want to use that word to describe soft toys then I will.

More about the Carol Thatcher sacking here.

More on the history of the golliwog here.

02 February 2009

Nurse who offered to pray for patients is latest victim of disgusting PC culture

A Christian nurse who offered to pray for her patients is the latest victim of the disgraceful PC culture which is destroying our country.

The nurse was suspended for an "alleged breach of her code of conduct on equality and diversity" and was accused of promoting causes "not related to health". She had offered to pray for an elderly patient, who declined the offer and mentioned it to another nurse.

The obsession with "diversity" and "equality" is destroying our traditional culture in favour of not causing offence to the culture of immigrants. Would a nurse from a certain other religion have been suspended on the grounds of "equality and diversity"? "Diversity" is becoming the most sinister word in the English language, as its use is invariably a veiled excuse to discriminate against white British Christians.

More here.

30 January 2009

The dubious "benefits" of EU membership

As unemployment rises rapidly in the UK, it is understandable that workers at a refinery in north Lincolnshire were angry that an Italian company imported foreign workers when there were many British people available who would have jumped at the chance to work.

Unfortunately, that is one of the "benefits" of our EU membership - that a foreign company can tender for a contract in our country, and that foreigners can legally come here to work and, in some cases, take jobs that were already filled by British workers.

The only way to remedy this appalling situation would be our complete withdrawal from the EU. That way we would not be hide bound by rules made on the continent for the benefit of continental Europe, we would not give billions each year which could instead be spent on our health service and pensioners and we would be able to employ our own people without constantly being told that we must not discriminate against foreign workers and that they must have an equal (or in most cases greater) chance of getting work.

Good luck to the protesters. Read about it here.

15 January 2009

Prince Harry and political correctness

At the weekend Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, found himself in the middle of controversy over his use of the word "Paki" to describe a fellow soldier (read the story here). The "incident" in question happened several years ago but came to light after a video was given to a newspaper who then chose to make it public.

Predictably, the PC brigade were in uproar over the use of this word, saying how it was unacceptable and offensive to Asians.

Why are the same people invariably silent over the term "white trash" which is commonly used and offensive to white people? Why is it OK to describe white people as "trash" but unacceptable to use the word "Paki"? There is even a book called "Stupid White Trash" which is sometimes on sale in the humour(!) section of bookstores. Replace the word "white" with any other racial description and you would have the race relations people baying for blood and the book would be withdrawn and universally condemned as "racially offensive". But it seems that when the offence is directed at the indigenous people of this country it does not matter, indeed it is encouraged.

02 January 2009

President Klaus - what a pity more are not like him!

President Klaus is the President of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic entered the EU in 2004 along with other Eastern European countries, and, recently, took over the EU Presidency from France.

What is so admirable about the Czech President is that he has likened the EU to a Communist state and has refused to fly the dreadful circle of stars over Prague Castle. Good on you President Klaus! What a pity other EU countries aren't blessed with such a sensible leader, instead of the grovelling, scheming shambles we are lumbered with.

The Czech President apparently almost caused a diplomatic incident by dining with Irish opponents of the Lisbon Treaty.

President Klaus is popular with voters in the Czech Republic. Not surprising really.

Terror suspects will be allowed to settle in Britain

Although it has not been officially announced yet, Britain will take in terror suspects from Guantanamo Bay, allowing new American President Barack Obama to close the camp down.

Although it has not been officially confirmed that our country will be a new home for more potential terrorists, you can be pretty sure that they will be allowed in. After all, it is more important to protect terrorists from punishment and persecution than it is to protect the people of this country from acts of terrorism carried out in the name of a certain religion. (There will be an article on how the human rights laws have destroyed our justice system in the next few weeks).

These potential terrorists will be given access to NHS hospital and dental care (how many British people are lucky enough to be able to see an NHS dentist?) Their claims for NHS costs will be dealt with as a priority over British people who have to wait longer (this is a fact, not nationalist propaganda - see the evidence here scroll down to page 18 and look under Fast Track System). How many other countries give incomers priority over their own people?

And why doesn't America take in those potential terrorists it releases instead of expecting other countries to harbour them?

The story is here.