24 November 2011

No one should face jail for having an opinion!

Yesterday this story emerged in the news about the mayor in the Irish town of Naas and comments he made regarding black Africans in his town. Not surprisingly, the left and the "do gooders" are calling for him to be fined, or even jailed, for his views.

What a dangerous road to go down - throwing someone in jail just because the views and opinions they hold are deemed to be "incorrect".

I truly hope that Darren Scully will not be imprisoned for his views.

21 November 2011

More legalised ageism?

While any attempt to encourage firms to employ more British people are to be encouraged, I have to admit that I do not like the sound of this idea.

If companies are given financial incentives to take on inexperienced school leavers, in time they will be the only ones who can find work, apart from professionals.

‘If we gave employers £1,500 as a cash subsidy to take on a 16-year-old, they might take on a 16-year-old with lack of work experience and sometimes poor qualifications rather than a migrant worker or a mature worker who has got those skills.

Denying opportunities to "mature workers" is age discrimination.