29 March 2010

Switching to Continental time - there is no benefit

Once again the crass argument that the UK should switch to Continental time (by "Continental" time they mean the same time zone as France, not "Continental" as in Finland!)

One of the worthless arguments those in favour constantly spout is that the lighter evenings will be better for children walking home from school and there will be fewer accidents. What about the increased darkness in the morning, surely that would also be dangerous for children walking to school, rush hour traffic etc? No, they never seem to consider that.

Another, newer, argument, is that lighter evening will save on the amount of fuel used to power lighting. But what is saved in lighter evenings is lost in the darker mornings.

Why don't people tell us the REAL reason they are so devoted to Continental time? That is, they want us to be on the same time zone as a certain other country, one which starts with "F", ends in "e" and had "ranc" in the middle. Invariably, those who are pro-EU are those who think we must grovel and kowtow to the French and that everything French is superior to everything British.

If they are so fond of the hovel across the ENGLISH Channel then why don't they go there and never come back?

13 March 2010

The Vikings beheaded by Saxons

Last year, a large number of skeletons were found in Dorset. They were Vikings who had been beheaded by local Saxons, the skulls placed to one side and the rest of the bodies dumped in a ditch.

What surprises me is that no one has come out and said that both the Saxons and Vikings were actually black and originated in Africa. That is the latest trend in brainwashing in this country, much of it being preached to schoolchildren in the guise of “Black History Month”.

Here is one example of the “Britain has always been multi-cultural and multi-racial” myth. In 1901, a skeleton was found in York with several possessions, including a bangle. This gave the find the nickname “Iron Bangle Lady”.

Tests have been carried out on the skeleton, and surprise surprise (or perhaps no surprise) – it was found to be from someone of African origin!!

I have no doubt that Romans were in North Africa and that Romans were in York, but just because a skeleton was found to have been brought up in warmer climes does not make it black! The Romans were not black!

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