30 January 2009

The dubious "benefits" of EU membership

As unemployment rises rapidly in the UK, it is understandable that workers at a refinery in north Lincolnshire were angry that an Italian company imported foreign workers when there were many British people available who would have jumped at the chance to work.

Unfortunately, that is one of the "benefits" of our EU membership - that a foreign company can tender for a contract in our country, and that foreigners can legally come here to work and, in some cases, take jobs that were already filled by British workers.

The only way to remedy this appalling situation would be our complete withdrawal from the EU. That way we would not be hide bound by rules made on the continent for the benefit of continental Europe, we would not give billions each year which could instead be spent on our health service and pensioners and we would be able to employ our own people without constantly being told that we must not discriminate against foreign workers and that they must have an equal (or in most cases greater) chance of getting work.

Good luck to the protesters. Read about it here.

15 January 2009

Prince Harry and political correctness

At the weekend Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, found himself in the middle of controversy over his use of the word "Paki" to describe a fellow soldier (read the story here). The "incident" in question happened several years ago but came to light after a video was given to a newspaper who then chose to make it public.

Predictably, the PC brigade were in uproar over the use of this word, saying how it was unacceptable and offensive to Asians.

Why are the same people invariably silent over the term "white trash" which is commonly used and offensive to white people? Why is it OK to describe white people as "trash" but unacceptable to use the word "Paki"? There is even a book called "Stupid White Trash" which is sometimes on sale in the humour(!) section of bookstores. Replace the word "white" with any other racial description and you would have the race relations people baying for blood and the book would be withdrawn and universally condemned as "racially offensive". But it seems that when the offence is directed at the indigenous people of this country it does not matter, indeed it is encouraged.

02 January 2009

President Klaus - what a pity more are not like him!

President Klaus is the President of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic entered the EU in 2004 along with other Eastern European countries, and, recently, took over the EU Presidency from France.

What is so admirable about the Czech President is that he has likened the EU to a Communist state and has refused to fly the dreadful circle of stars over Prague Castle. Good on you President Klaus! What a pity other EU countries aren't blessed with such a sensible leader, instead of the grovelling, scheming shambles we are lumbered with.

The Czech President apparently almost caused a diplomatic incident by dining with Irish opponents of the Lisbon Treaty.

President Klaus is popular with voters in the Czech Republic. Not surprising really.

Terror suspects will be allowed to settle in Britain

Although it has not been officially announced yet, Britain will take in terror suspects from Guantanamo Bay, allowing new American President Barack Obama to close the camp down.

Although it has not been officially confirmed that our country will be a new home for more potential terrorists, you can be pretty sure that they will be allowed in. After all, it is more important to protect terrorists from punishment and persecution than it is to protect the people of this country from acts of terrorism carried out in the name of a certain religion. (There will be an article on how the human rights laws have destroyed our justice system in the next few weeks).

These potential terrorists will be given access to NHS hospital and dental care (how many British people are lucky enough to be able to see an NHS dentist?) Their claims for NHS costs will be dealt with as a priority over British people who have to wait longer (this is a fact, not nationalist propaganda - see the evidence here scroll down to page 18 and look under Fast Track System). How many other countries give incomers priority over their own people?

And why doesn't America take in those potential terrorists it releases instead of expecting other countries to harbour them?

The story is here.