24 February 2011

When the life of a white man is worth less...

If a white person were to kill another white person they would, quite rightly, be punished. But if the same white person were to kill a black or Asian person then the punishment would be stiffer than for killing a white man.

Why is that twisted approach allowed? Because crimes which, supposedly, are motivated by "hate" (racial, religious, disability or homophobic) mean the sentence will be stiffer than for a "non hate" crime where the victim is a heterosexual, able-bodied white person.

This is probably why the murders of white people by blacks and Asians, and the murders of non-Muslims by Muslims are never classed as "hate" crimes, so that ethnics can never be sentenced as harshly as British people for committing the same sorts of crime.

How often do you read a report of a white person being attacked by ethnics only to see the words that it was "not racially motivated" thereby ensuring that ethnics are treated less harshly than British people in the courts.

Why should your life be worth less if you are white British, heterosexual or able bodied? This appalling discrimination against our own people should end.

20 February 2011

Some great news from America...

...is that two murdering scumbags suffered pain whilst they were being executed. Diddums!

Did those pieces of rubbish stop to think about the suffering of their victims as they raped and then murdered them?

The drug used in the execution was Thiopental, supplied by the British before the export of the drug was banned by the do-gooding, criminal-loving British government. If Thiopental is being put to such a worthwhile use then its export should be resumed with immediate effect, then maybe more murdering scumbags can die in agony.

Read this great news here.