23 October 2009

Question Time - a reaction

Before I begin this post, I will state again that this is NOT a BNP blog, has no connection to the BNP and remains entirely neutral as far as nationalist parties go - I do not endorse any.

However, I cannot do anything but comment on the first ever appearance on the BBC's "Question Time" of an elected nationalist politician - the BNP MEP and leader Nick Griffin.

As expected, the appearance by Nick Griffin led to protests by the ever-peaceful Unite Against Fascism (the protests led to several arrests and some policemen needed hospital treatment after dealing with the peaceful crowd.) The protests did not stop the programme going ahead.

The audience was obviously hand-picked too, including many ethnic minority people and those who were obviously from anti-nationalist groups. The panel included MPs from Labour, the Lib Dems, Conservatives and the American novellist and playwright Bonnie Greer.

The programme was largely made up of comments and questions relating to the BNP and to Nick Griffin's past, apart from in the later stages, where a question was asked about a report in the Daily Mail relating to an article on the death of Stephen Gately from Boyzone.

The point that most stands out in my mind was Greer's unchallenged attack on the history of the British people. As a playwright and novellist, fiction is obviously her speciality, and she showed it when she stated that, as there were no humans in Europe at or just after the last Ice Age, only the Neanderthals, then the humans who are here now are descended from those who came from the south - Africa. This is rubbish - people did migrate from the south, from southern EUROPE, where the people are white, not Sub-Saharan Africa where they are most definitely not. Take a look at the map on this page and you will see for yourself that only the northern part of Europe was under ice. What a pity this point went unchallenged.

22 October 2009

Skeleton discovered in York

Archaeologists working on the site of an expansion by York University have found their fourth skeleton. The skeleton is believed to date from the Roman period, and is currently being cleaned before it is sent for detailed analysis by an osteoarchaeologist.

While all this sounds mundane, and quite fascinating, we should not be too surprised if the experts tell us that the skeleton belonged to someone of African origin! For years now, the liberal establishment have been brainwashing people into believing that blacks have been here since the Romans, that blacks were here before any white people and that we wouldn't have any history or culture without the influence of blacks.

They missed out with Cheddar Man, who was found to have been the same ethnic stock as the Basque people, but what is to say that this new find will not be the "proof" that blacks were here before we were?

The story of the skeleton is here.

17 October 2009

An appalling act of desecration

Read this story in today's newspaper and then tell me you don't feel a sense of shame and disgust at the appalling specimens increasingly being reared in this country.

Many juveniles no longer have any respect for anyone, so it should come as no surprise really that, after a binge drinking session, one decided it was going to empty its disgusting, bloated bladder over a war memorial.

What would those of past generations, who fought bravely, and sacrificed their lives for our country think? They must be turning in their graves at the appalling rabble they gave their lives for.

The lowlife responsible for this disgusting act should be made to clean the whole thing up - and not with a scrubbing brush and disinfectant but with its filthy tongue. It should be made to lick up every last trace of the contents of its bladder until it retches, and even then it should receive no mercy.

What a pity we no longer have the birch.

04 October 2009

Welcome to Britain - where criminals are protected and victims can go to hell

In the news recently, we have heard the appalling tales of Fiona Pilkington and Vanessa George.

Ms Pilkington was a mother of two children - one of whom was profoundly disabled. The local trash on the road where Ms Pilkington lived made her and her daughter's lives hell, eventually driving her to kill both herself and her daughter. What is so appalling about this tragedy is that it could probably have been prevented if the police had taken her calls for help seriously and dealt with the rubbish who were making their lives hell. Instead, they would tell her she was over-reacting, and to keep her curtains closed. No surprise that, when the trash making her life hell were unmasked, they received death threats. What is (or I suppose shouldn't really be) a surprise is that the police took this very seriously, visiting the family and stepping up patrols to ensure that no one harmed them. Where were they when a law-abiding person needed help? The number of feral, out of control families on estates is increasing. Maybe they should be dealt with in the same way as an out of control dangerous dog, and be shot?

Now I come to the story of Vanessa George. This disgusting glob of lard was responsible for providing photographs of children from the nursery where it worked to an online paedophile ring. Naturally, this caused outrage among decent people, and, unfortunately, this thing will be protected in prison, and when it gets out it will use the human rights act to ensure it has a new identity and a ban on media revealing where it lives. It could also be helped to move abroad. Why should rubbish like George be given such help and protection when it is denied to law abiding people? Maybe it is time to abolish the human rights laws which provide so much protection for scum but none for their victims.