18 June 2009

Put gypsies first - or else!

The latest PC madness has arrived in the form of "guidance" telling the NHS to put the needs of gypsies and "travellers" first.

Under the terms of this new "guidance", the gypsies will be seen immediately, even if they do not have an appointment and the surgery is otherwise full, they will be given longer appointments and fast tracked into dental appointments, to the detriment of British people. Failure to comply could result in prosecution under the Race Relations Act (would this also apply if they discriminated against white British people?!?)

It is actions like this which lead to race hate and attacks on minorities - when the host population of a country sees incomers receiving preferential treatment they take out their anger on the incomers, as has been happening in Belfast recently. It is time to end the obsession with putting minorities first all the time and, just for a change, do something positive for the indigenous people of this country.

14 June 2009

Fear and hatred on the streets of Luton - Times Online

Fear and hatred on the streets of Luton - Times Online

An interesting article in today's Sunday Times about the problems caused by the Muslim demonstration against British troops in Luton.

11 June 2009

The state of our NHS

Yesterday it was in the news that the NHS would face a £15 billion shortfall in funding over the next decade. When you consider what the British government is happy to throw taxpayers' money at, this news is an absolute disgrace.

The biggest drains on our taxes are the EU and overseas aid. Here are some examples of what OUR money is thrown at whilst the NHS is expected to go short:

On Afghanistan, the Department for International Development states "In the last 10 years Britain has more than trebled its spending on aid to nearly £7 billion a year. We are now the fourth largest donor in the world." That's nice, just think how much that £7 billion a year could help the NHS.

On Yemen the DFID says "The UK has provided development assistance to Yemen since the early 1970s, with some interruptions. By 2003, we had a £2 million programme, focused on strengthening economic and financial management. In 2003, DFID decided to expand, focusing on health and education. Our expenditure rose year-on-year to £12m in 2007/8 and £20m in 2008/9. We will continue to scale up our assistance to Yemen over the next few years."

So you can see that the UK government is more than happy to increase spending on overseas aid whilst it is equally happy to decrease spending on OUR country.

10 June 2009

Violence in Luton

The demonstrations against Islamic extremism held recently in Luton turned violent. Whilst I do not condone violence, and condemn anyone who resorts to using it, you have to ask whether this would have happened if the immigrants had not abused the British troops a few months ago?

Read the article here.

Terrorist on hunger strike

Richard Reid, the so-called "shoe bomber" who hid explosives in its shoes and tried to blow up an American Airlines aircraft flying from Paris to Miami, is on hunger strike in its American prison.

It is bleating because it cannot practice its Islamic faith (diddums!) and so has decided to starve itself.

I say it should starve itself to death - whilst it is alive there is always the chance it could be released from prison and succeed in blowing up a packed airliner.

Terrorist trash such as Reid belong in Hell.

The news can be found here.

06 June 2009

"British" drug smuggler to come to Britain to serve sentence

The "British" drug smuggler Samantha Orobator (a good old traditional British surname there - not!) will not serve her prison sentence in Laos after all, but will be kept for a paltry length of time in luxury at the taxpayers' expense - yes readers, this drug smuggling scum is going to be transferred to a British prison.

I had been following the story of this "British" drug smuggler for a while, and waited to post on this blog until now.

This character got pregnant, reputedly, to avoid the death penalty which is mandatory in Laos for drug smugglers. The law in Laos states that a pregnant woman cannot be executed - how very convenient.

Did this character stop to think about the misery that drugs cause when she carried the heroin? Did she think about the many pensioners who have been violently robbed of their meagre pensions just so some drugged up piece of trash can buy their next fix?

She should have been executed, pregnant or not - there should be no mercy shown to such rubbish who smuggle and deal in drugs. What a pity we are not like that in this country - a proper zero tolerance approach to drugs instead of the current soft touch.