11 December 2009

Coming soon - more legalised discrimination

Anyone who is over 25 and unemployed will know that there is no proper help provided to get people their age into proper work and training. Whilst the under 25s have the Modern Apprenticeship (which gives them the chance to gain valuable on-the-job experience as well as a recognised work qualification) and the New Deal after six months of unemployment, the over 25s have to wait eighteen months before they are eligible for New Deal, and this version of the scheme seems to place more emphasis on being told how to write letters, how to phone employers and how to compile a CV than it does on getting valuable work experience and a qualification (and I know this for a fact because I have been on just about every scheme ever dreamed up by the government, apart from the ones aimed at the under 25s!)

Those who are unfortunate enough to fall into the over 25 age group will no doubt be delighted at the latest idea from the government - everyone under 25 will have guaranteed work or training after only six months unemployment.

This form of legalised discrimination is a kick in the teeth to everyone over 25 who finds themselves out of work, often through no fault of their own. Someone who has worked in a specialised job and then been made redundant might find it hard to secure work in a related industry, and there would be no help for them as far as retraining goes because they would be too old for the Modern Apprenticeship or any of the other myriad schemes just for under 25s.

04 December 2009

Immigrants housed in luxury while former soldiers sleep on the streets

Taxpayers in London are paying £1600 a week to keep a family of Somalis in a luxury home.

The house has six bedrooms and is occupied by the woman, her mother and seven children. The woman's husband and another child are living in a different house in Camden. His house is also paid for by the taxpayer.

The rent being paid on the house is said to be more than the going rate.

The Somalis originally lived at the taxpayers' expense in Maida Vale, but were moved to the larger house because of the number of children they had.

Now contrast this with the fact that many BRITISH ex-servicemen end up homeless and sleeping on the streets when they leave the Forces. Why can't the houses provided for immigrants be set aside for our own people? Is there any wonder that we are the dumping ground for the world when foreigners see that if they come to our country they will be provided with a home, money and all bills paid whilst we leave our own people sleeping in cardboard boxes?

03 December 2009

Swiss voters put their country first

Voters in Switzerland have voted in favour of a ban on the building of minarets. The Swiss People's Party are delighted with the result, saying that the minarets represented militant Islam. They were worried that Switzerland could become an Islamic state.

Switzerland has four minarets, which will be allowed to remain, but no more will be built.

Muslims claim that the ban will incite hatred of their religion. They say they will not feel safe. Many groups worldwide had condemned the result, but it has nothing to do with them. Not surprisingly, Amnesty International were squealing and bleating about the decision. Maybe those who condemn the ban should turn their attention to Muslim countries, where those who follow different faiths are persecuted and unable to build places of worship. We never hear them speak out against those countries.

As for inciting hatred of Islam, there is no reason why it should. The only thing which would definitely cause hatred of Islam would be if Swiss people (or a Swiss aircraft, bus or train) were to be blown up as "punishment" for the way the country voted.

The "equality" bill - destroying all that is British!

The new "Equality" Bill, devised by Harriet Harman, has caused a good deal of anger since it was first brought into the news.

Firstly, it will force political parties (namely the British National Party) to remove any obstacle to ethnic minorities joining, thereby denying white British people the right to choose who they associate with (amazing how organisations for ethnic minorities will still be allowed to continue as before). Many British people have turned to the BNP after they saw other parties obsessively chasing the ethnic minority and Muslim vote, and neglecting British people. They felt marginalised and like second class citizens in their own country.

Secondly, there is the real fear that, in future, Christmas celebrations will be axed for fear of causing offence to those of other religions (and probably one religion in particular). Already some councils have removed the word "Christmas" from celebrations and in some places, tenants have been told not to decorate their homes for fear of offending Muslims.

Thirdly, it is claimed that white men will lose out in the jobs market in favour of female and ethnic minority candidates. This must not be allowed to happen. Employers must recruit the best people for the job, and if the best qualified person happens to be a white man then he should be successful, if the best qualified is a white woman then she should be hired. As soon as there is any hint of quotas for ethnic minority staff, then standards will fall, because it may well be that they are not best suited for the job yet they would be recruited purely and simply because they ticked the right box which said they were not white.

The Labour government has already shown it it determined to destroy everything about our country, from the make up of the population to the job prospects of British people to the celebrating of one of our most cherished festivals.

Readers, take my advice - celebrate Christmas, play carols, decorate your houses as much as you like, they can't lock you away for it - yet.

01 December 2009

"Multicultural" Britain is Labour's fault

Labour admitted that they let in huge numbers of immigrants in order to "engineer" a multicultural country. They wanted to change the make up of the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", but did not discuss the policy for fear of alienating their former core support in the white working class.

Labour are still saying that immigration has "enriched" our once-proud land. They say that London is more "attractive" and "cosmopolitan" now that many areas have become almost completely non-white.

I am sure that many will disagree. London now has a serious problem with knife, gun and gang crime, the vast majority of it carried out by immigrants or the children of immigrants. In parts of London, whites are a minority. How can it be a good thing that an original population is displaced by immigrants? And it is highly offensive to imply that our country is "enriched" and "improved" by these incomers, as if we have never had culture or history of our own.