29 April 2009

More on the meddlesome EU

Anyone opposing the EU is passed off as a "xenophobe" or "little Englander" by those traitors who wish to sell our country down the river. But when you see exactly what the EU is planning, or has already done to our once-proud nation, it is not the Eurosceptics who should be passed off as I have previously described, but those Europhiles among us should be put on trial for treason.

The latest idea from the EU is for British courts to apply foreign laws when deciding on divorce cases. The so-called Rome III plan would mean applying divorce laws from a country the couple have close ties to. It doesn't take a genius to work out that this will mean Sharia law being applied in a UK court case. Of course, any application of Sharia law will suit the Church of England!

Even more interfering from the EU, and spineless behaviour from our so-called leaders, came in the guise of a law saying that the unspeakable scum in prisons, many of whom would have found themselves swinging from the end of a rope around their neck if this country had suitable punishments, should be given the right to vote.

Paedophiles, killers, terrorists and other rubbish will have the same voting rights as decent, law abiding people under the new proposals. The ban on prisoners voting in Britain goes back 140 years, but, thanks to the vile Human Rights legislation, it has now been declared "unlawful".

Women had to struggle for years to be given the right to vote, but criminal scum have it handed to them on a plate. Once they commit a crime they should lose ALL their rights.

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17 April 2009

Don't call them "British"

A few days ago it was revealed that a "Briton" is fighting with the Afghan Taleban against British troops. DNA from this "Briton" was found on a roadside bomb which had been planted by the Taleban and intended to kill British troops.

This "Briton" arrived in OUR country from Pakistan and became radicalised. This character then disappeared two years ago and has apparently resurfaced in Afghanistan.

This individual is not alone, it is acknowledged that there are many "British" jihadists who have gone to Afghanistan to fight against OUR troops. Some of these disgusting creatures are believed to come from the West Midlands and Yorkshire, according to reports.

Isn't it amazing that these individuals hate us, hate our country and hate our laws and culture so much that they want to destroy everything British, yet when they end up in a spot of bother (such as finding themselves in Guantanamo Bay), or want medical treatment or benefits, they suddenly announce they are British and expect to be bailed out and helped?

It is offensive to decent, law abiding Britons that these vile individuals be classed as "British". They don't think like us, they don't look like us, they don't dress like us and they most certainly don't act like us.

Read this.

06 April 2009

Job seekers Allowance for terror suspects not looking for work!

Terror suspects who are subject to control orders and kept under house arrest are receiving around £60 a week in Jobseekers Allowance! This is in spite of the fact that, by being under house arrest, they are hardly seeking employment!

This is just another example of our soft touch country when we pay terrorist rubbish the same benefits, for doing nothing, as we pay to those who are expected (rightly so) to do their best to find work.

If someone on Jobseekers does not do their utmost to find work, they can have the benefit stopped or reduced for around 26 weeks - so why is it different for those Islamic terrorists who want nothing more than to destroy our country and replace our laws, customs and values with their own alien culture? Why should they be allowed to receive these benefits for doing nothing?

There is no wonder our country is seen as a soft touch and is the destination of choice for all the unspeakable rubbish other countries do not want.

This story can be found here.

01 April 2009

Idle workshy Poles come to Britain to sponge off the taxpayer

After months of becoming increasingly angry at seeing British people referred to as "idle" "workshy" and "scroungers" I have decided to use that terminology to describe the Poles that the Brit-bashers are so obscenely fond of.

After the Poles (who were taking jobs that, previously, had often been done by British students during the university holidays) were supposed to be returning home in their thousands, it has been announced that they are flooding back to Britain to take advantage of the generous benefits they will receive over here (more than those paid out in their home country).

The fact that they are coming here to sponge off the taxpayer puts them into the same "idle" "workshy" "scroungers" category that people put out of work Britons into. But will we hear of the Poles being described in such unflattering terms? Of course not. Such demonising is only acceptable when it is directed at the indigenous Briton.

As someone who is out of work I know what I am talking about when I say I am talking from my own experience - places which, previously, recruited staff locally are now recruiting in Eastern Europe. British builders are being put onto three day weeks whilst Poles are kept on full time - it is the Brits not the Poles who have mortgages to pay and families to support, but it is the Brits who suffer most.

I know what I am talking about when I refer to Poles as idle, workshy layabouts. I have seen Polish "workers" spend their time gabbling away in their own language to each other whilst Brits were expected to do all the work - but who is thrown out of their jobs? Not the idle Poles. I know of hotels which employed Poles as "cleaners" only for Brits to go and do the work properly after the idle foreigners made a mess of it.

And who did the work before the Poles came here? I won't buy that rubbish about them only doing jobs that couldn't be filled locally. Toilets were cleaned, fruit was picked (it certainly did not go all to rot!) without the dubious benefit of those who came to take British jobs.

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