28 November 2009


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26 November 2009

Sensible attitude in Lytham St Anne's

At last I have read of some sense regarding the appalling actions of the Japanese in World War Two. The vast majority of people who are quick to condemn the Nazis (and quite rightly, they committed horrific atrocities) seem strangely silent on the war crimes committed by the Japanese. Indeed, many of them who accuse nationalists of being "Holocaust deniers" (I am most certainly NOT a Holocaust denier) are happy to attend commemoration services to remember the Japanese who happened to be in the wrong places in August 1945! Do they not think that, by honouring the memory of those who were committing evil acts against civilians (including Britons) and POWs (including Britons) that they too are guilty of Holocaust denial?

Well, Lytham St Anne's has taken the noble step of refusing a twin link with a Japanese town because of the war crimes committed by the Japanese against our people. It is good to see that those who were tortured by the Japanese are being given consideration and respect, which is more than they ever get from those who moan on about the "poor" Japanese who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Read the story here.

25 November 2009

What the council tax goes towards

North Yorkshire County Council are currently advertising for a "Community Cohesion Worker" for North Yorkshire. It doesn't take a genius to work out that "community" in this case means the immigrant community.

Here are the details of the job (quoted as opposed to linked to the source, as it will disappear once the vacancy is closed):

You will be based in Skipton but your work will cover the whole of North Yorkshire. Your work will focus on the needs of children and young people of minority ethnic heritage, ensuring they can access and benefit from services. Working closely with partner agencies and communities you will help to develop a range of positive activities for young people.

You will provide information, advice and guidance to members of Minority Ethnic communities and promote and develop the existing networks that support these groups and individuals.

An important part of your work will be to work with schools, supporting their role in building community cohesion.

You will identify isolated BME groups and ensure they are made aware of existing support networks.

You will have experience of living and/or working within a multi-cultural community and have excellent communication and presentational skills. Access to a car is essential.

And from the job description:


1)Support the North Yorkshire County Council in developing and promoting Community Cohesion.

2)To promote the well-being of black and minority ethnic children, young people and their families.

Work with communities to ensure they both inform and benefit from educational and training provision.

Support the development and delivery of celebration of culture events

Support the development of Prevent (Prevention of Violent Extremism) in schools and other settings

Develop formal and informal networks that promote social capital.
Work with a wide range of agencies and partnerships that support community capacity building and cohesion.
Support the development of transition programmes for BME children.

Develop formal and informal networks that promote social capital.

Work with a wide range of agencies and partnerships that support community capacity building and cohesion.
Support the development of the Corporate Equal Opportunities and Social Inclusion Strategies and Action Plans.
Respond to reports of racist incidents.

Work with the Governors’ Support Service to recruit BME to Governing Bodies.

Work with schools to promote a better and wider understanding of BME needs and issues.

Provide Information, advice and guidance to adult members of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.
Provide performance data against a range of indicators.
Be involved in presentations and consultations with user groups and with a wide range of agencies and voluntary sector organizations.

Attend and liaise with regional groups.

Can you imagine an equivalent job being advertised for someone to help indigenous British people? If it is racist for organisations to cater for whites only, and help whites only, then why is it not illegal when organisations etc are set up purely to help immigrants?

This is just one example of where your council tax goes if you live in North Yorkshire.

19 November 2009

Brits - watch your jobs, the Poles are coming back

British workers need to watch out for their jobs once again - it has been revealed that the Poles are coming back.

The last influx of Poles saw factories "laying off" local, British people and replacing them with Poles. British people were classed as "idle, workshy layabouts and scroungers" (something which would probably be illegal if applied to other groups - the applying of stereotypes to a race or nationality!)

British people were also overlooked with regards to job vacancies - if a Pole applied they would be the one recruited. Students came home from university for the holidays to find that the jobs they had done for a year or more had now been filled by the obligatory Pole and they were unable to find work in their home towns.

With unemployment rising, and job vacancies falling, this is a bad time to be out of work if you're British, and it's about to get a whole lot worse.