22 May 2009

The "benefits" of immigration part one

This is "part one" because I am sure that there will be more of these to follow!

This article tells of a south London street gang who have been imprisoned after subjecting local people to a reign of terror. You only have to look at some of the names - Akheem Gray, Abdi Nur, Ameel Gray and Lufter Ahmed - to see that they are hardly British! Yet another result of the "enrichment" of our country - a massive increase in knife and gun crime and the vast majority of those responsible are the offspring of recent immigrants, or are immigrants themselves.

21 May 2009

Gays moan about ancient cathedral city

The historic cathedral city of Canterbury does not find favour with gays, who are moaning that the place is "not gay enough".

Why don't these people get a life? Why must we have their sexuality rammed down our throats? Why don't they just get on with their lives?

We don't have "straight bars" or "straight societies" or "straight pride" marches, so why must we be expected to provide such facilities for gays?

That story can be found here

17 May 2009

When it's OK to discriminate...

Of course, everyone will know what this posting will be about from the title! The "positive discrimination", "affirmative action" or, to anyone with an ounce of common sense - out and out discrimination against native British people!

One of the most high profile tools of anti-white discrimination is "black history month" when schoolchildren are brainwashed into thinking that non-whites have had a massive impact on our culture and society throughout history. The website for this mass brainwashing exercise also features "opportunities" (as long as you're from the correct ethnic background, which, you've guessed it, it not white!) Here is the advert for one of these racist "opportunities":

PATH National Ltd

Management Development Programme (MDP)

PATH National is an award winning national skills development agency whose focus is on enhancing workforce diversity through training interventions aimed at black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) individuals. Our work is supported by the London Development Agency (LDA), the Mayor's agency for Sustainable Economic Development - to deliver accredited Level 3, 4 and 5 Management Development qualifications as follows:

Certificate in First Line Management

Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)

Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS)
Are you from a BAME background working within the public sector in a supervisory role or progressing towards a management position?
Are you interested in developing your management skills and potential by acquiring an accredited qualification?
Are you an employer wanting to cost effectively up skill your current workforce?

Courses run for one academic year and there is intake throughout the year. For more information and an application pack please contact:

This project is delivered under Section 37 & 38 of The Race Relations Act 1976 (amendment 2000)

You'll see that this blatant piece of race discrimination is allowed by the Race Relations Act, which states that it is OK to offer such training for those who are "under represented" - does this mean that, in areas where whites are a minority that training programmes will be offered for whites only?

And here's another one - there is a beauty contest called "Miss Black Britain", which, by its very title, discriminates against those who do not have black skin! Can you imagine that a "Miss White Britain" contest would be allowed to take place? No it would not.

Moving on to music we have the blatantly racist title of "Music of Black Origin" awards. Why isn't there a similar award for music of white origin? All the classical composer were white and many of the greatest pop acts were white - the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, ELO etc.

If anything breeds racism and intolerance it is such events and awards that I have mentioned in this post.

01 May 2009

Stop and search "racist" and "disproportionate" - or is it?

The latest bleat by the civil liberties brigade and black superiority groups is that blacks and Asians are eight times more likely to be stopped by police and searched than white people are.

So? What is wrong with that? It is well known that a disproportionate number of knife and gun crimes are carried out by blacks (and the victims are more often than not white but no mention of those attacks being "racist" like it would be if it were the other way round) and also it is well known that those who have carried out terror attacks, planned terror attacks or attended terror training camps are Asian!

Why must we continue to pander to these half wits in the civil liberties and anti white movement? The fact that certain ethnic groups are being targeted for stop and search shows some common sense when these are the ethnic groups most likely to be responsible for certain crimes.

There are interesting articles here and here.