28 November 2008

Fair trade, environmentalism and hypocrisy

The fair trade and environmental lobbies are the biggest hypocrites and some of the most anti-British movements in existence.

How often do we hear the green lobby protesting about food miles, carbon footprints and the sourcing of goods locally? Well these are the very same people who say we should be buying fair trade (and therefore imported) food ahead of what can, in some cases, be produced nearer to home without the added problem of "food miles".

For example, it is possible to buy sugar which has been produced in the UK, but the green brigade is trying to get local councils and other organisations to use fair trade sugar, which must be imported! What about all those food miles and the carbon footprint produced by importing all that sugar? Honey is another example of food which we can produce locally but the fair trade lobby believes we should all be using their imported version.

The green lobby also believe in making more housing available, but that would mean building on land which is currently undeveloped and therefore would damage the environment. They are big supporters of immigration and do not believe that minority communities should be forced to adhere to the culture of the dominant community (no mention of the fact that the indigenous population of the UK is expected to bend over backwards to accommodate other cultures and laws and beliefs!)

As for pollution, the green brigade blames the hated West for the global warming problem. No mention of the damage done to the environment by the burning of rainforests in Asia and South America, and the high levels of pollutants emitted by countries such as India and China! And what about the destruction of the environment to provide so-called biofuels! Instead of growing food crops, these monstrosities are being grown instead!

We should be supporting our own farmers and producers. Buy British sugar, British honey, British meat and anything else labelled as British.

25 November 2008

Cheddar Man - Basque, Briton or Bantu?

Cheddar Man - our oldest complete skeleton

Cheddar Man was the name given to the oldest human skeleton to be found in Britain. His remains were found in Gough's Cave, Somerset, in 1903, and it is believed that he died a violent death (possibly related to cannibalism) around 7150BC. The skeleton is on display in the Natural History Museum in London, with a replica in "Cheddar Man and the Cannibals" musuem in Cheddar.

In 1996, DNA was extracted from the molar of the skeleton, and analysed. It proved that Cheddar Man belonged to a mitochondrial haplogroup common in Britain, Ireland and the Basque Country, which lies in southern France and northern Spain.

What makes this story all the more interesting is the fact that there are today living descendants of Cheddar Man in the area near where he was found. To be able to trace your direct ancestry back to the oldest human skeleton in Britain must be quite special! It became accepted that, thanks to Cheddar Man, modern British people were not descended from Middle Eastern farmers, but from ancient European hunter-gatherer tribes.

However, there is another twist in the tale of Cheddar Man. There is the creeping and ever-increasing tale put about that the British Isles have always had a black African community(!) and that, in fact, modern Britons largely have black ancestry. This is done largely to make white people feel inferior in their own lands, and to make them think that our history and culture is all down to the input of black Africans.

What is even sadder is that people believe this ridiculous myth.

So how long will it be before someone decides to say that Cheddar Man was not Basque or British, but, in fact, he was Bantu or Zulu or something like that? You may be laughing, but you probably won't be laughing for long.

21 November 2008

Leaked BNP membership list - the unfairness of it all

The recent leaking of the British National Party's memberhsip list has, quite rightly, caused anger amongst members whose details are now publicly available to all and sundry. Especially to those who were in "sensitive" jobs such as teaching, medicine or nursing or the Armed Forces. Some police officers, serving and retired, were also revealed to be members of this perfectly legal political party.

That is where the title of my post comes in. It is illegal for a serving police officer, or member of police staff, to be a member of, or promote, the British National Party.

However, it is not, apparently, illegal to be a member of al Qaeda if you happen to be in the police! In 2007 it was revealed that several al Qaeda members/sympathisers were in the police, but the police could not, or would not, sack them! That story can be found here.

Contrast that with the witch hunt carried out against members of the perfectly-legal BNP. One police officer has been suspended from duty for being exposed as a BNP member. See the story here.

In the Yorkshire Post today there is an opinion about the BNP leak which ends:

"And as for the teachers and police officers on the list, I'm glad we have their names. I'd rather not have racist officers patrolling the streets, nor racist teachers in charge of our children's enquiring minds."

To be honest, I would be more concerned about the members of al Qaeda who are in the police, and the fact that a classroom assistant blew up a London Underground train in July 2005. They are the ones we don't want "patrolling the streets" or "in charge of our children's enquiring minds"! But of course, no mention of that.

19 November 2008

The destruction of British English

Our country gave the world the English language, though nowadays you would not think it!

Thanks to the ever-encroaching American culture, our native language is changing, and not for the better. There are very few British-made children's programmes shown on TV, and our children are force fed a diet of glitzy, American rubbish, and its attendant American slang, and it is creeping into our national language.

Now, we are seeing buns (remember buns, the little cakes in a paper cup?) referred to instead by their American name of "cupcakes". Pushchairs are now called "strollers" or "buggies". Increasingly, toilets are being referred to as "bathrooms" (by definition, a room can't be a bathroom unless it has a bath in it!) The irritating word "airplane" is increasingly being used instead of aeroplane, and instead of vets or veterinary surgeons, we are seeing the tacky word "veterinarians" used more often. You don't live in a flat any more, you live in an "apartment".

How long before wardrobes are "closets", taps are "faucets", nappies are "diapers", trousers are "pants", handbags are "purses", biscuits are "cookies", crisps are "chips", chips are "fries"...The irritating list goes on and on.

And how long before our own spellings are ditched instead of American ones? Colour becomes "color", flavour becomes "flavor" and favourite becomes "favorite"? English language spellings have been fluid throughout the ages, but never before have they been obliterated purely and simply to replace them suddenly with a foreign equivalent!