11 December 2010

Racist? Of course not!

If a group of white youths heckled at, and punched a black or Asian man in the face it would instantly be classed as a "racist" assault.

Yet when an elderly white ex-serviceman is heckled at and punched by Asian or "mixed race" (mongrel) youths then, surprise surprise there is no mention of any racist element.

And if anyone finds my terminology offensive, I really don't care.

The story can be found here.

02 December 2010

Snow - it's not only Britain which has problems

As soon as the first flakes of snow fall in Britain, the press start bashing our country, saying how we cannot manage to cope with snow when other countries always manage admirably. One example is this article in one paper today.

Germany has had disruption to several of its airports, Belgium has seen huge traffic jams, as has France - that most praised (and useless) of nations.

And on the subject of transport in snow, we should remember that the dreadful Eurostar (French-designed) has problems in snow. Predictably, the Eurostar services have been greatly reduced because of the weather this week, and in December last year these awful trains broke down on mass when snow which was falling in FRANCE caused the trains to short circuit and break down when they entered the Channel Tunnel from the FRENCH end, that was one bit of snow chaos which cannot be blamed on British lack of preparation, it was purely French incompetence.