19 April 2011

Medicines for Libya but not for English and Welsh cancer patients

Taxpayers in England and Wales will no doubt be delighted to know that Britain will send £2million in aid to Libya (this includes medical supplies) while at the same time denying English and Welsh renal cancer patients life saving drugs on the grounds that it is "too expensive".

How can we afford to send aid to every third world country but refuse to spend any on life saving treatment for our own people?

And how long will it be before we are importing Libyans to take up British hospital beds and in some cases even receive treatment which might not be available to our own people?

05 April 2011

Where British priorities REALLY lie

The story that an ex-soldier who fought in Afghanistan is forced to sleep in a car, while a family of Afghan immigrants is provided with a large house, at taxpayers' expense, will offend normal people, but we shouldn't be surprised.

The fact that the government is slashing our defence budget while spending millions on arming rebels in Libya (some of whom are known supporters of al Qaeda) is nothing short of scandalous but is only to be expected from a country which values foreigners above its own people and puts the rights and comforts of immigrants and terrorists before law-abiding British people.

It is no good saying that the British public should remember all this when going out to vote on election day, they will still vote for the same old parties, the same old anti-British policies and then they have the audacity to moan when the government puts foreigners first.