31 August 2009

Aren't you glad Romania joined the EU?

The people of Britain are constantly told what a positive thing the EU is for our economy, among other things. Before the country joined the EEC (as it was then) they were led to believe that it would be purely a trading area, and therefore good for British business to be able to take advantage of the larger customer base on the continent.

What the people were not told was that the plan was for a federal monster which would eventually erode all controls we have over our own country and borders, and that the citizens any country joining this monster would have the absolute right to come and live and work in our country, whether the British people liked it or not.

So I can imagine that many British people jumped for joy when Romania joined the EU. I bet they could not believe their luck that all these Romanians would flood into the country and bring such benefits as we have never seen! Just think - all that ATM fraud which would never have happened (just look back at ATM fraud cases in Britain and you will notice that, just by coincidence, the nationality of those guilty is almost without exception Romanian!), all those begging, thieving, annoying pickpockets you get in the tourist hotspots which would not be taking place without the people trafficking and benefits fraud now emanating from Romania!

This is not scaremongering or unfair labelling of one particular race, it is the truth. Romanians are involved in people trafficking to get their hands on vast amounts of benefits - benefits paid for by YOUR TAXES!

So next time you hear the usual rubbish about the EU being beneficial to our country, just think about what you have just read and ask yourself "who is it beneficial for?"