26 March 2009

A new anthem for England?

The BBC has been criticised (rightly so) for teaming up with the Arts Council to come up with an English "national anthem" which could be used instead of our current national anthem.

The song is "intended to reflect English customs, ideas and creativity in contemporary times" and will make its debut on St George's Day.

There are several perfectly good songs which would be ideal for an English anthem - "I Vow to Thee my Country", "Rule Britannia" and "Land of Hope and Glory" are songs which can inspire national pride and which are known and loved by English people.

However, I am forgetting something - the songs I have just mentioned are associated with "flag waving patriotism", the kind of patriotism which is regarded as offensive to ethnic minorities, the same people we must now consider above all of us. We mustn't consider anything which might not be liked by a certain section of society, even though this particular section of society is free to carry out whatever they wish, whether or not it offends the majority of us.

We should have an anthem which makes us feel proud, which rouses the spirit and, above all, is not just created so as to appeal to minority groups in our society.

More on the anthem here.

24 March 2009

And the betrayal just goes on...

Just when you thought that the British government could not be any more treacherous, another story comes along to prove just how bad those in Parliament have become.

The list of traitors started with Edward Heath in the 1970s, who dragged us into the (then) European Economic Community - (EEC) - which developed into the hated, monstrous tyranny we know today as the European Union. It has continued with each government since Heath and now culminates in the appalling Gordon Brown.

Not content with selling us further and further down the river into EU rule, Brown is now to hold talks with Argentina on returning the Falkland Islands to them.

This comes at the anniversary of the invasion of the islands by Argentine forces, to which our troops responded by driving them out and maintaining British rule in the islands which are populated by British people.

It was bad enough that, in the Falklands War, we had to have enquiries if an Argentine boat happened to be sunk, but now to have a "leader" who goes cap in hand to everyone and does what everyone (except the British people of course) wants is an insult to those who died fighting to keep those islands British. It is an insult to those who died in two wars to prevent our country being overrun and taken over by foreigners to now go handing over what little sovereignty we have left to Brussels.

The sooner this disgraceful, spineless, pathetic excuse for a "leader" goes, the better it will be.

More here.

22 March 2009

Muslims get their way - as usual

Once again the Muslims have got their own way. Yesterday I posted the story of the Nottingham postmaster who refused to serve people who did not bother to speak our language. Naturally there was alot of support for him from proper Britons, but, as usual, the Muslims were howling and bleating that they did not like his stance, so he had to go. The postmaster has now been moved to another Post office, whose location is being kept secret for fear of reprisals from those ever-peaceful Muslims. More here.

And still on Muslims, the government's anti-terror advisor stabbed a man whom he feared would attack him and his family at his home. Whilst I condemn anyone who tries to break into another person's home, it would be interesting to know why, when white Britons have defended their families and property against invaders they have been charged and imprisoned, but when a Muslim does the same thing he faces no charges? One rule for white, indigenous Britons and another for Muslims, as usual. That story is here.

21 March 2009

News round up - week ending 21st March 2009

There have been several noteworthy news stories this past couple of days that I thought it best to put them into another "news roundup". So here goes...

Polish-owned deli refuses to serve English customers

Readers of this blog will be forgiven if they always thought Goole in East Yorkshire to be an English town - apparently at one immigrant-owned shop there, English customers are so unwelcome they will not be served!

The Polski Sklep shop refused to serve two English customers on separate occasions. On being asked if she was English, one was then told, aggressively, to leave the shop. On another occasion, a local journalist was told that the shop did not serve English people.

Can you imagine what would have happened if the shop had turned away East European immigrants? There would have been all hell let loose and the owners would have been prosecuted for racism. Let's just see what the outcome of this will be, but don't expect the immigrants to face any charges.

That story is here.

British truckers attacked by violent would-be immigrants

British lorry drivers in Calais are being attacked by would-be immigrants to our country. The migrants are armed with knives and batons and are becoming increasingly desperate to get into our country.

These are the kind of things we are told we should be welcoming into our country. We are told they are "hard working" and "enrich" our society and culture. Yes, of course they do! We really need knife-wielding scum, we need criminals and we need terrorists like we need a hole in the head.

It is time the Army was deployed to protect our borders from this incessant tide of filth which seeks to destroy our country. And we are always told the rubbish that they are fleeing persecution. Yes, of course they are! They cross dozens of safe countries to reach our shores, if they were genuine refugees they would be happy at reaching the first safe country that they could.

And once this tide reaches our shores they are entitled to more help and support than the average British pensioner who struggles to afford to heat their home each winter.

To see this never-ending tide of scum see the article here.

Galloway banned from Canada

Muslim sympathiser George Galloway has been banned from entering Canada on national security grounds. The Canadians view Galloway as a supporter of terrorist group Hamas, which is banned (rightly so) in Canada.

Galloway is an opponent of the war in Afghanistan, in which Canadian soldiers are involved in.

A pity he isn't kicked out of Britain too, I'm sure his beloved Hamas would welcome him.

More here.

Postmaster faces calls from Muslims to be sacked

Once again we hear of Muslims trying to dictate what we do in our country. Recently a Sri Lankan born postmaster in Nottingham refused to serve people unless they spoke English. He is to be commended for this - it is time that those who insist on living in our country bothered to learn our language.

The local Muslims have been circulating a petition calling for him to be sacked, but it is time that the people of Britain stopped being dictated to by those who have no intention of ever embracing our language and culture and supported those who are prepared to make a stand and do something about it.

More here and here.

18 March 2009

The state of Britain

What is it coming to when foreigners can come to our country and incite hatred of our people? And what is it coming to when these foreigners can get away with, in some cases, murder?

That is what it is like to live in today's Britain - we must constantly be expected to walk on eggshells so as not to upset these foreigners, though it doesn't matter what they say about us - that is exercising their right to free speech. Try exercising your right to free speech if you are British - you will be arrested and charged with inciting racial and religious hatred.

The bingo hall, a traditional favourite haunt of many British ladies, does not escape the wrath of these foreigners - who object to the name "Mecca" being used outside the bingo halls. Our churches are attacked, but if anyone attacks one of their mosques it is seen as a faith hate crime and there are constant bayings for those responsible to be punished. We have to accept British churches being attacked and get on with things, knowing that the perpetrators will never be charged with anything resembling "faith hate".

Non Muslims have been targeted in some areas by the foreigners in our midst. Their houses are attacked purely because the foreigners do not want them living in "their" areas. Of course, the police do not believe this is racist, but can you imagine how the police would react if British people were trying to drive the foreigners out? The Brits would be rounded up and charged with race and faith hate, but when it's the other way round there are never any such charges.

The people of Britain need to wake up to this potential menace before it is too late.

More here.

17 March 2009

British priorities - terrorists first

Recently it was revealed that Britain has given away millions of pounds worth of taxpayers' money which was then used to promote terrorism in Palestine.

The money, which is annually wasted each year in overseas aid, when it could be better spent on such things as pensioners and the NHS to name two, was used to print material promoting terrorism and encouraging suicide bombers.

Each year, our country wastes millions on such worthless causes - last year it sent out almost £100,000,000 - double the amount of the previous year. Warnings have been repeatedly issued about what the money was being used for, but our Muslim-loving government still wastes our money anyway.

Contrast this with a recent story about a South Yorkshire woman who has been told that the £4000 it would cost to save her sight was "too expensive".

Would it have been "too expensive" if a Muslim terrorist needed treatment? Would it be "too expensive" to treat a sponging asylum seeker who has jumped not only the housing queue but also the NHS queue too? No, of course it wouldn't.

11 March 2009

Luton - or "Lutonistan"?

My apologies to any British people from Luton who may not like the headline title of this post, however I make no apologies for any offence caused to other sections of the population of "Lutonistan".

Yesterday, our brave troops from the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment took part in a homecoming parade in the supposedly British town of Luton. While the majority of the crowd behaved properly and gave our men the welcome they deserve, a group of trash (I make no apology for that either) had to wave placards accusing the men of being "cowards" and "butchers" and "killers". All this from Islamic extremists whose co-religionists make a point of targetting civilians in the name of their religion! Naturally, the British crowd reacted angrily to this, but instead of arresting those who were causing the problem, the police arrested the Brits! The police should have left the trash to the crowd in my opinion.

One of the vile protesters said: "They can’t come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community."

Who are they to come to OUR country and say that OUR people cannot parade where there just happens to be Muslims? If Muslims hate OUR country and OUR people so much then they should return to their countries of origin and stop sponging off the British taxpayer, stop occupying houses that could be given to British people, stop using health services that would be then better able to offer more help to British people.

To see photos of the anti-British trash we are all supposed to hold in such high regard see here. There is another article here (not surprising that the Express won't allow comments on this story, they are probably worried what people might think and that Muslims might be offended by the comments!)

And here's more about the constant crawling and pussyfoting around Muslims: recently a school was forced to close its gymnastics club, which had been running for years, because of the objections of a few Muslims who did not like the idea of girls mixing with boys. Why should British people always have to give up what they enjoy just to suit Muslims and immigrants? That story can be found here.

10 March 2009

Amnesty International - I detest them

One organisation which really makes me mad is Amnesty International. Their very existence winds me up, and it is even more maddening to see them accosting unwary shoppers in Scarborough's main precinct, which they do with infuriating regularity. Last week they happened to stop my Mum, who hates them almost as much as I do. They asked her if she knew about their work, and when she told them that all they seemed to care about were the rights of criminals and terrorists they had nothing else to say!

Yes, that vile organisation does whine on about criminals and terrorists. Last month they were crowing about the return of Binyam Mohamed from Guantanamo Bay (see this article here to see how that organisation views pro-terrorist garbage). They go on to say that our country should take in even more of these undesirable individuals - what about the potential risk to innocent, law-abiding people of the UK? Don't they matter? Obviously not! A few weeks ago it was revealed that at least one former inmate of Guantanamo Bay had resurfaced in Yemen as an al Qaeda leader! Hardly innocent, law-abiding people are they? Let's face it, they weren't in Afghanistan on a Sunday school picnic were they?

The silence of AI is deafening with regards to the terrorist murders in Northern Ireland recently. Compare this to the whining, screeching, howling and bleating which emanated from the mouths of AI after the IRA terrorist scum were shot by the SAS as they prepared an attack on Gibraltar. Would they have been as rabid in their condemnation if hundreds of innocent people had been killed as a result of the Irish scum's murderous mentality? A short piece about the mentality of AI on that matter can be found here.

If there is an organisation which should be banned, it is Amnesty International.