26 February 2009

Guantanamo suspect back in Britain for a life sponging off the taxpayer

No expense (taxpayers' expense I hasten to add) was spared in bringing former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed to Britain. A private luxury jet was chartered to bring this individual to our shores, and the cost of the whole exercise was £120,000.

Would it not have been cheaper to put this character into a crate and transport it in the cargo hold of an aircraft?

Now we hear it plans to apply for indefinite leave to stay in OUR country, and will be eligible for benefits costing the taxpayer around £21,600 a year. That is more than our brave troops earn on the frontlines, and certainly more than a British pensioner is allowed! It is more than the annual wages of many people. That money could be better spent on our own people, not former terrorist suspects who decide they are going to infest our country with their parasitic ways. Pensioners are told that they must go blind because it is too expensive to give them the drugs which would help, yet it is not too expensive to bend over backwards for a foreign parasite such as what we have just imported from Cuba.

This story can be found here.

20 February 2009

News roundup

Apologies for neglecting this blog for the past few days. There has certainly been no shortage of stories of interest and so, instead of making an individual post for each one, I will summarise them in one offering.

Outrage in Cambridgeshire village

In the Cambridgeshire village of Cottenham there was outrage at an £8000 Lottery grant awarded to teach local schoolchildren gypsy songs. This same village is home to a large gypsy encampment, and locals say that the award is "insensitive" and the money could have been better spent elsewhere. I agree! Why is it that we always have to accommodate "alternative" lifestyles at the expense of our own culture? You will notice from this report that those who are sympathetic to the gypsies are not from the local area!

Halal-only at Dominos

Dominos Pizza has stopped selling pork products at one of its outlets in Birmingham, and no points for guessing who this is meant to appease! The pepperoni pizza has been taken off the menu and replaced with tandoori chicken and other halal meats. Understandably, British customers are not happy at no longer being able to order their favourite porky pizza, but in this day and age we must all bend over backwards to do what the Muslims want. Why should British people's favourites be taken off the menu just to satisfy the appetites of an alien culture? This story is here.

British culture banned by Muslims

Muslim schools in Britain are encouraging their pupils to grow up with a hatred for Britain. The schools are promoting Islamic extremism and discourage children from playing cricket, board games, listening to music or reading Harry Potter books.

The website of an Islamic school for girls in London states: “Our children are exposed to a culture that is in opposition to almost everything Islam stands for.” Really? Well why don't they get themselves to a country which has a culture which supports what their religion stands for? If they hate Britain so much then why do they stay? Is it because of our generous benefits? The fact that our culture is eroded in order to avoid causing them the slightest offence? Or is it because in many countries they would not get away with such behaviour and outbursts?

Of course the Muslims are whining about the findings, calling them "misleading, intolerant and divisive".

Who are the intolerant ones here? Who are the ones who hate our culture? If they want Muslim laws and Muslim schools then they should leave OUR country and go off to a Muslim one, where I am sure they will be very happy!

That story appeared here.

13 February 2009

Czechs - they know how to treat sex offenders

The human rights brigade are busy getting their knickers into a twist over the way that sex offenders are treated in the Czech Republic.

The moaners say that surgical castration is "invasive, irreversible and mutilating."

Who cares about the "damage" done to those who CHOOSE to carry out sexual attacks on women and children? Who cares that they might be hurt by their punishment?

And isn't it "invasive" for the victim to be raped? Don't the victims matter? Obviously not. As long as criminals are well treated that is all the "human rights" brigade care about.

Castration should be the least of the sex offender's fears. Not only should they lose the ability to carry out any other disgusting attacks they should also lose their liberty or their very life.

It is time to remove all rights from criminals and put the victims first for a change. The only proven way to prevent any reoffending is to execute proven criminals. Castrating sex offenders is a step in the right direction but ultimately it does not go far enough.

More here.

10 February 2009

Anti-British groups condemn Cambridge University ball

An Empire-themed ball at Cambridge University has been condemned by the openly anti-British "anti racism" groups.

The ball, set to take place at Emmanuel College, will celebrate the excesses of the late Victorian era.

Posters to promote the ball carry the message
'Once, there was an empire that governed over a quarter of the world's population, covered about the same proportion of the earth's land, and dominated nearly all of her oceans.

'They say that the sun never set on the British Empire - but at the Empire ball, you'll be wishing it never rises.

'Travel with us to the Indian Raj, an emerging Australia and the West Indies. We invite you to experience the Pax Britannica and party like it's 1899.'

The left wing campaigners say this is offensive and accuse the organisers of being "white" and "upper class". Maybe the left wing objectors should look in the mirror to see who is really racist and offensive!

There is more on the story here.

It's amazing how silent the anti-British, anti-white left wingers are when anyone mentions the Gulags so favoured by their beloved Communist regimes!

08 February 2009

The most maligned soft toy in the world...

A golliwog - a harmless toy, nothing more and nothing less

Yes, I'm talking about the gollywog. I make no apologies for using that term, it is time such things were put into perspective.

Earlier last week a row broke out after BBC presenter Carol Thatcher used the term "gollywog" in a private, off air conversation. She was sacked by the BBC, and this prompted a storm of protest, a few people backed the decision to sack her, but the vast majority did not, which should send out the message that the British people are sick to death of having our lives dictated by the PC brigade and the Word Police.

What about the insults against whites which are deemed so acceptable? A gollywog is a soft toy, jam mascot and character from children's stories. If I want to use that word to describe soft toys then I will.

More about the Carol Thatcher sacking here.

More on the history of the golliwog here.

02 February 2009

Nurse who offered to pray for patients is latest victim of disgusting PC culture

A Christian nurse who offered to pray for her patients is the latest victim of the disgraceful PC culture which is destroying our country.

The nurse was suspended for an "alleged breach of her code of conduct on equality and diversity" and was accused of promoting causes "not related to health". She had offered to pray for an elderly patient, who declined the offer and mentioned it to another nurse.

The obsession with "diversity" and "equality" is destroying our traditional culture in favour of not causing offence to the culture of immigrants. Would a nurse from a certain other religion have been suspended on the grounds of "equality and diversity"? "Diversity" is becoming the most sinister word in the English language, as its use is invariably a veiled excuse to discriminate against white British Christians.

More here.