08 October 2011

Libyans to be imported for NHS treatment

My prediction made on 19th April that Libyans would be imported for treatment on the NHS has proved to be correct.

Today this report appeared in a regional newspaper.

Nice to know they will be spending weeks in our hospitals. When British pensioners are in our NHS hospitals we hear of them dying of malnutrition, being served with legal papers to force them out of hospital beds, we hear of people being denied life saving drugs because they are "too expensive" or "not cost effective", we have "postcode lotteries" where certain treatments are not available to people if they live in the wrong area, we have people having operations cancelled because there are no beds available. Will the Libyan bed-blockers be treated in such a disgusting way? No they will not, that only happens if you are British!

(You can also bet that, if the foreign bed blockers need physiotherapy, it will be provided and they won't have to wait six months, unlike British patients!)